Marcus King Releases Stunning Acoustic Version Of “Mood Swings”

Marcus King
Marcus King

Stripping it down.

Marcus King has been releasing acoustic versions of the singles from his forthcoming album Mood Swingsand now it is time for the title track to shine.

After sharing a stunning acoustic version of “**** My Life Up Again,” shot at Rick Rubins’s Malibu “Chapel,” he is back at Rubin’s Shangri-La studio for an acoustic version of “Mood Swings.”

After kicking in the percussion track, King starts picking the hypnotizing guitar introduction. The smooth blues influence of the guitar combined with the modern beat makes for a melodic composition different from his rip-roaring sound, but it lets him shine in a new light.

As King begins to sing, the percussion track is brought down to let the soft guitar licks shine alongside his vocals. His vocal delivery is spot on and lets listeners hear the pain, soul, and thought that went into these lyrics.

King has been open about how emotional this album was for him to make, but also healing as he overcame substance abuse and moved on from a toxic relationship.

“The track and album title “Mood Swings” is a play on the swinging nature of the material while also referencing my up and down shifts in mood while I was either abusing the wrong substances, in between mood stabilizing meds and anti-psychotics, self-medication on top of that, along with a foot locker FULL of repressed childhood trauma all being taken out on my relationship at the time.”

The stripped-back version allows for the words he speaks to shine, making the message of the song hit even harder. It’s not a light track, but King’s delivery smoothly glides over the depressing topic.

“Someday I might find peace I long left behind I hope you’re still here when I do
I know it ain’t fair to you, the shit that I put you through
My condition is no excuse
Know it won’t make much sense, but baby in my defense, you’re the only one I feel safe around
Let me explain myself, it’s the first time I’ve felt like not running us into the ground…”

This song shows King’s vulnerable side, which we will see more of throughout this album. Hearing “Mood Swings” in this light makes me even more excited for what else is in store.

Marcus King does not miss, and this song is no exception.

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