Eric Church Gets Fans Speculating With Mysterious Countdown On His Website

Eric Church
Robby Klein

What’s Chief cooking up now?

We haven’t really heard much from Eric Church since the end of his Outsiders Revival Tour last year. Of course he’s been busy with his new venture after buying Field + Stream alongside Morgan Wallen, and he’s also got his Nashville bar, Chief’s, that’ll be opening at some point this year.

But aside from a few festival dates, there’s been no word on a tour for 2024, and we haven’t gotten new music from Church since his 3-album Heart & Soul project back in 2021.

It looks like he’s got something new in the works though…

Church’s website features a countdown to Wednesday, March 6 at 8 AM eastern time, though it gives no indication what we’re counting down to. And he’s also been silent on social media (which is nothing new), and hasn’t given any hints about what he’s working on.

Fans across the internet are speculating what it could mean: Is it an announcement about the grand opening of his new bar? An upcoming tour? New music on the way?

When it was announced that Church had bought Field + Stream, it also came with the announcement of a Field + Stream music festival coming later this year, so could this be new info on that? It seems unlikely, since there’s no similar countdown on either Field + Stream or Wallen’s website, but who knows.

It’s hard to tell with Chief, who’s always looking for new ways to surprise his fans.

So I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to see what he’s got up his sleeve this time.

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