Breland Shares First Teaser From Jimmy Butler’s Upcoming “Country Music” Project

Jimmy Butler Breland

Ever since we all found out that NBA star Jimmy Butler had a country music project on the horizon, we’ve been… intrigued… to see what would come from it.

For an effort that allegedly has over 200 country songs ready to go, things have been rather quiet from Butler. All that we’ve really learned as of late is that “Jimmy Buckets” will be acting as the “DJ Khaled” of the project, and won’t actually be singing on the tracks himself.

To be honest, that was a little disappointing to hear. If Butler is going to put together a country music album, I kind of want to hear his voice on it, you know?

He sounded fine singing along at a Luke Combs concert:

Maybe that’s not the best example though…

Anyways, I was speaking on everyone wanting to actually hear something from Butler’s country music endeavor, and we finally got our first insight into how it might sound. For an NBA star who has a lot of ins with Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs, and Luke Bryan (maybe just stick with my first two examples there), the expectations were through the roof to see who Butler would collaborate with.

Well, it’s too early to say that the likes of Wallen and Combs won’t be involved, but they weren’t the first artist to tease that they were working with the Miami Heat star. Who was? The country rapper known as Breland.

The young country artist took to Instagram to share a photo of he and Jimmy Butler together with the caption “country album loading.” If you scroll all the way to the right on the post below, you’ll get to hear a snippet of what we could presume is one of the song’s from the upcoming country project.

Take a look/listen:

Just to be transparent, the lyrics in that teaser go as follows:

“Yeah my grass too green, this beer’s too cold,
the night’s too young, and this whiskey’s too old.
Yeah my truck too clean, and my girl’s too bad,
these are good, good, good, good problems to have.”

Don’t think that’s going to win a Grammy by any means, but I won’t judge too much until we get to see how the projects shapes up as a whole…

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A beer bottle on a dock