There’s A Documentary On Garth Brooks’ New Nashville Bar, Friends In Low Places, Coming To Amazon Prime

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Is this how he finally reveals where he’s hiding the bodies?

Garth Brooks is gearing up for the grand opening of his Nashville bar, Friends in Low Places.

Now, if you’ve been to Music City in the past couple of months I know what you may be thinking. And yes, the bar has been open since Thanksgiving. But only on weekends, and only the first two floors. So pretty soon, the bar will be open 7 days a week, and you’ll be able to visit all 4 floors.

Of course Garth has said that he wants to make his bar different from the others on Broadway. He’s often spoke of wanting to have the “Chick-fil-a of honky tonks.”

“I want a place you go in where you feel good, you feel safe. Everybody’s got good manners. I’m hoping that there’s right when you walk in it’s a ‘Love Everybody’ stated right there. That’s what it’s about, right? So I want a place that’s just safe. That feels good.”

Total Garth thing to say.

And Friends In Low Places will also stop playing live music at midnight, as opposed to after 2 AM when most bars wrap up their live music. The bar will also close an hour earlier than other bars on Broadway, and Garth also funded a police substation for the Metro Nashville Police Department that’s located directly beside his bar.

Well if you’re intrigued by Garth’s bar, he’s going to be giving fans a closer look at everything that’s gone into opening Friends In Low Places.

Garth announced that a new docuseries, Friends In Low Places: Building the Oasis, is coming to Amazon Prime Video on March 7.

Of course Garth has an exclusive partnership with Amazon to stream his music, and he also performed a livestream concert on Prime for the opening of his new bar on Black Friday last year.

The description for the series promises to take viewers behind the scenes of the process behind building the “epic” bar.

“Paying tribute to his roots, Garth enlists the help of his friends, day-one tour team and an all-star hospitality group to open the epic, four-story bar on Lower Broadway. This is a labor of love and his thank you to the community of Music City.”

In announcing the new documentary, Garth spoke on what it’s been like getting his bar ready for the world to see:

“This was so much more than I bargained for! With that said, what we have built is far more than just a business. This is by far, the craziest ride I have ever been on.”

And in a teaser, Garth spoke on enlisting his “day one team” to help make his dream a reality.

The documentary will feature Garth working with his wife Trisha Yearwood, as well as brothers Benjamin and Max Goldberg, founders of Strategic Hospitality, and their team including Jenny Deathride Bratt and Camille Tambunting.

The new series will premiere on March 7, the same day as the grand opening for the bar.

Garth isn’t expected to be in attendance for the event at Friends in Low Places, but he did recently invite star Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to the party to reprise his epic performance of Garth’s song from the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade.


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