Gas Station Worker Tells 500-Pound Black Bear To Get Out, Bear Didn’t Listen…

Bear walks into gas station

Whatever they’re paying this guy, it’s certainly not enough…

An overnight gas station attendant in Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, California was used to seeing bears in the parking lot of the store he worked at, but one night a particularly large black bear decided he wanted something a little more fresh than what’s available in the dumpster. Customer Wars, a show that runs late night on A&E, profiled Paul High, who discovered that bears are much smarter than we typically give them credit for when a 500 pound chunker decided he was going to make his way into the store and browse the shelves.

“I was walking toward our automatic door and it opened, and then I seen him trying to come in so I stepped towards him. He comes into the store, kind of lunges at me.

I usually have to run them off once or twice a night out of the parking lot, never out of the store though. I was just trying to get him out, that way he didn’t trash the whole place.”

But after the bear lunged at him, he quickly changed his approach and decided to just let the bear do his thing, which was obviously the smart decision. Getting that close to the bear in the first place is a super risky move, as human attacks are rare but do happen.

According to Pests Hero, black bears are the most likely to attack humans, although it’s due to a much higher number of encounters than the more aggressive, and dangerous, grizzly. Eventually, the bear grabbed a bag of Snickers and hit the road, fortunately leaving Paul with nothing more than a good story.

But that wasn’t the end of this bear’s late night shenanigan’s, as he returned again, this time with a different worker on duty.

“That was the other grave yard guy, his name is Dave. Apparently that night, the bear laid down on the floor and ate a whole box of 3 Musketeers.”

Unfortunately for Dave, the bear didn’t want to leave after grabbing his snack, so he was forced to call the police to see what they could do about the situation. A comment on the YouTube video by Phillip Hennings made me chuckle, but also summed up the bear’s next move perfectly.

“The fact that the bear knew to leave when police showed up means this wasn’t his first rodeo. This bear knew what he was doing”

The bear ran out and didn’t return to the store, thanks to authorities capturing it and transferring it to a new location. Crazy. Can you imagine just trying to get through your shift and suddenly you’re face to face with 500 pounds of beast? That’s a no from me dog…

Happy that the workers and bear got out of this in the clear.

Black Bear Steals Chick-Fil-A On Florida Man’s Doorstep


It’s no secret that if you’re in an area where bears live, you better keep your food tucked away, because considering bears have an incredible sense of smell, they’re gonna be able to track that food down from just about anywhere.

We’ve seen them break into cars, and even break into houses, just because they’re hunting down food. So, let this video be a fair warning for those of y’all who like to DoorDash food to your doorstep in an area where bears live…

Here you see a Chick-Fil-A meal sitting at the doorstep of somebody’s home in Sanford, Florida. However, a hungry black bear makes its way right up to the front porch, sniffing around, and eventually ran into the gold mine. The black bear proceeds to dig into the Chick-Fil-A, and looks to be having the time of its life.

You can hear the homeowner talking through his Ring doorbell, saying:

“Oh you S.O.B. You ate all the nuggets. 30 nuggets and a large fry. Woof, just like that. Nothing to do with the salad. Weird.”

Not gonna lie, I’d be pretty heated if I dropped $30 plus to get Chick-Fil-A DoorDashed to my house, only for it to get eaten up by an unwelcome bear. Of course, it ain’t the bear’s fault, it’s fair game at that point.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock