How Is Randy Travis Releasing A New Song A Decade After A Stroke Took His Voice? The Answer May Be AI

Randy Travis
Randy Travis

For the first time in over a decade, we can finally say that we’re getting new music from Randy Travis.

The country music legend announced yesterday that he’ll be dropping his first brand new song since suffering a stroke in 2013 that almost entirely took away his voice and severely limited his ability to walk.

Since then Randy’s managed to remain active in country music, even singing “Amazing Grace” during an emotional moment at his 2016 Country Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony that had everybody watching in tears.

So you can imagine the excitement when Randy revealed that he had a brand new song called “Where That Came From” coming this week for the first time since his stroke.

Randy’s released a few cover projects in recent years, some greatest hits type volumes, some gospel works, and he’s even dropped a couple of previously-unreleased songs from the vault – but this will be his first entirely new song in his voice.

But with Randy still suffering from the aphasia caused by the brain damage from his stroke, how was he able to get in the studio and give us a brand new song?

Well the answer may lie with artificial intelligence.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, many have already been speculating that Randy turned to AI to recreate his distinctive voice for the new song, something that’s been a hot topic in music recently.

Tennessee recently became the first state to offer protection to artists from the unauthorized use of AI to recreate an artist’s voice after several big names spoke out about hearing songs that they called “indistinguishable” from the real thing.

But if Randy decided to use AI to regain his voice and create new music, it really shows off another side of the technology, one that artists can use to create new music on their own terms in their own voice.

Of course if it is in fact AI, there are people who won’t be happy that we’re not actually getting Randy singing on the new song. But judging by the reactions from his fellow country stars, it seems like no matter what, this new song is going to hit like a motherf*cker.

@cojonation This is incredible. Y’all aren’t ready! @Randy Travis ♬ original sound – Randy Travis

@joshturnermusic New @Randy Travis music is coming! Here’s me and Jen during our first listen. Y’all… I might be the most excited for this 🤠 #randytravis #countrymusic #countrylegend ♬ original sound – Randy Travis

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