Man Provokes Elk & Promptly Gets Chased In Grand Canyon National Park


Tourists are supposed to visit national parks in order to take in the sights of wildlife from a distance.

But you know what most of them do instead? They completely disregard all warnings and guidelines and get as close to wild animals as they possibly can.

The National Park Service advises those visiting some of America’s most beautiful parks to stay at least 25 yards away from wildlife. Here at Whiskey Riff, we cover the stories where dumb people do exactly the opposite.

This guy, who can effectively be described as a touron (combo of tourist and moron), was visiting Grand Canyon National Park and came across an elk in the wild.

His natural, idiotic instinct was to provoke the cow elk, and presumably thought it would be funny to capture video of himself running away from it when it started to charge.

And to really make sure that he incriminated himself, the man in the clip harassed the elk two separate times. After the first time, he ran away screaming expletives, and once he was far enough away from the elk, he turned back and asked it:

“Why are you mad, bro? Get out of here.”

He then does it a second time, and once again runs away from the cow elk yelling high-pitched curse words. I’m really not sure what his goal was with this clip, but if it was to make himself look like a complete imbecile, he nailed it.

Just to give you a heads up, this video does include some cursing in it:

Is there a “Touron of the Year” award? If there is, this guy might be the front runner.

There was absolutely NO ONE on his side in the Instagram comments. Almost every reply to the post mentioned that the guy deserved to get his you-know-what beat by the elk:

“This is why I always cheer for the wildlife…to cleanse the gene pool.”

“I hate people more and more every day.”

“You antagonize an animal for likes. I’m cheering for the wildlife.”

“Bro got to the ‘find out’ part and found out.”

“The wildlife doesn’t win often enough in these videos.”

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