The Trailer For Kevin Costner’s “Horizon: An American Saga” Is Officially Here

Kevin Costner Horizon
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The world finally gets to see what Kevin Costner has been working so hard on… and essentially, the reason why Yellowstone is limping to the finish line.

Horizon: An American Saga finally had it’s first trailer drop, and it’s definitely stirring up some excitement. Considered Costner’s passion project, Horizon is set to be a two-film event, with the first part releasing in theaters on June 28, and the second hitting the big screen on August 16.

As of right now, the plot is simply described as this:

“Horizon: An American Saga Chronicles a multi-faceted, 15-year span of pre-and post-Civil War expansion and settlement of the American west.”

So… Yellowstone but in a different time period? Like, a late 1800s time period? Close to… I don’t know… 1883?

If you can get past the fact that these two movies are basically what got in the way (or at least played into the decline of the relationship with director Taylor Sheridan) for Costner to finish out his role as John Dutton in Yellowstone, the trailer does reveal what looks to be a very impressive and intriguing western movie.

Country music and westerns are really having a moment as of late, and this new Kevin Costner project will likely draw some decent box office numbers if Yellowstone fans aren’t too spiteful to go and see the film.

You can check out the trailer below:

Don’t get me wrong, the movie looks good, but Kevin Costner shooting people in cowboy gear seems to me like they are just capitalizing on the show that Costner used to be on.

Those in the reply section of the post didn’t seem to mind, and instead were just excited to see a large scale western movie return to the big screen this summer:

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