“I’ll Never Steer You Wrong” – Jelly Roll Issues PSA On Affordable Tickets For ‘Beautifully Broken Tour’

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Andy Pollitt

Outrageous concert tickets have been a problem fans have faced for years now.

After Zach Bryan’s All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster, he and other artists started addressing the issue with Ticketmaster and other sites for their pricing game. While that topic is much more lengthy than what I am here to report on today, if you want to learn more about the ticket monopoly in the music industry, CLICK HERE to read more.

In short, many artists today have been putting out messages or encouraging fans only to buy tickets from authorized sellers to know that they are A) not getting scammed and B) purchasing tickets for the most reasonable pricing.

Jelly Roll, who just announced his extensive 37-stop the Beautifully Broken Tour, took to social media days after the announcement, letting fans know that he is doing everything in his power to keep tickets at a reasonable price.

Jelly Roll took to Facebook, giving fans a run down on ticketing before presale for the show starts today (Feb. 27th)

“Hey y’all! I’ve seen a lot of comments and messages about tickets for the ‘Beautifully Broken Tour— I want to take a moment to give y’all the facts as I know them to be.

The presale for my fans starts Tuesday 2/27 at 10am local time for each venue and ends 2/29 at 10 pm local time for each venue. To get a presale code, go to my website JellyRoll615.com and sign up for the show you want to attend.

Some people have said they already purchased tickets from websites like Stubhub and other 3rd party ticketing websites. If you did, you purchased tickets that haven’t been released yet and paid way more than you could’ve gotten them for at presale.

Ticket prices start at $39.50. I want to keep prices affordable, and I want y’all to come to enjoy a Jelly Roll show, whether it’s your first time or 100th time— thank y’all! I know what you go through to get the tickets, a babysitter, a ride to the venue, pay for parking, get a hotel room, buy merch— it all adds up, and it’s not always easy. I see you and appreciate y’all, I will always keep tickets affordable for my fans. These tickets will sell very quickly, sign up for the presale and be ready on Tuesday!

I want y’all to know I’m not charging $3,500 per ticket for floor seats. It’s the scalpers and 3rd party resellers. The only way to truly stop this is to not buy the tickets from those websites! To make sure you are getting tickets for my shows at the original price, go to Jellyroll615.com. I’ll never steer you wrong.”

While ticket sales might not be perfect today, it’s refreshing to see artists step in to steer fans in the right direction of the best way to get tickets. At the end of the day, they don’t see any of this scalper money, and they want to make sure that they are filling their seats with those who want to belt out the lyrics and who will be touched by their performances.

This PSA again shows that Jelly Roll is a man of the people.

To get you excited for his show, if you snagged tickets, check out one of my favorite live performances of his from The Ryman.

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