Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Says Taylor Swift Should Have Dated The “Better Looking” Rob Gronkowski

Robert Kraft

I’ve heard a lot of takes surrounding Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship, but I haven’t ever heard this one.

This particular idea comes from none other than Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots. He was making an appearance at a Florida trading card store in honor of National Trading Card Day (how many national days are there now?) when the topic of Taylor Swift came up.

Now before you say “I’m so tired of not being able to talk about the NFL without Taylor Swift being involved,” pump the brakes a bit. What Kraft ended up saying about the pop star wasn’t all that bad, and the exclamation point he put on his thoughts was a hot take, to say the least.

Kraft was asked about how well he knew Swift, and he responded by bringing up one of the first times he met the “Bad Blood” singer, and how it connected to this most previous NFL season:

“Her first stadium concert was on my birthday in 2010, June 5. We convinced her and her family that she could sell out a stadium.

So when she came to view the Chiefs play the Patriots this year at Gillette, I gave her a framed ticket from that concert, June 5, 2010.”

That’s definitely a nice gesture from Kraft, and he probably would have won the hearts of a lot of “Swifties” if he would have stopped there. Instead, he went on to suggest that Swift could be doing better than Travis Kelce:

“Think about it, she was like 18-19 and she’s done pretty well since then. Except maybe she should have been dating Gronk – he’s better looking!”

I’m not here to settle the handsome debate between Travis Kelce and Ron Gronkowski. All I’m here to say is props to Robert Kraft for shouting out his former tight end, and getting a little conversation going about other NFL stars that Swift should be dating instead.

The only issue is that Gronk has been happily dating his girlfriend Camille Kostek for almost ten years, so he wouldn’t have been available (or likely had any interest) in a relationship with Taylor Swift.

Selfishly though, I would have LOVED to hear a Taylor-Swift and Gronk break-up ballad…

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