Carnival-Owned Cruise Line Searching For Passengers Seen Fishing From Balcony

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No, this is not a repeat story, someone did it again…

You may remember the viral video from last year where a couple caught a fish from their balcony on a Carnival Cruise, which is very much against the rules and they wound up being banned from Carnival Cruises for life.

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Well, it seems some recent passengers on the Carnival-owned P&O Cruises Australia ship called the Pacific Explorer didn’t get the memo and tried to do the exact same thing.

The ship was en route to Kangaroo Island (which is actually what I call the entire country of Australia) when another guest spotted two men fishing from a balcony high up on the ship at around 6:45pm last Wednesday. We don’t know if they wound up catching anything, but it sure seems like they’ll be catching some punishment, as the cruise line acknowledged the legitimacy of the incident and said they are investigating, noting in a statement made to 10 News First:

“P&O Cruises Australia does not permit fishing from our ships and this incident is being investigated”

No further updated have been provided, but it’s only a matter of time before they figure out who this was and bring down the long arm of the Australian law on them.

I’m all for fishing and there’s a part of me that would also want to drop a line off the boat’s side, but come on guys, dangling hooks from 50 or more feet up while there’s people directly below you is just not smart.

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