Couple Banned For Life From Carnival Cruise Lines After Catching A Fish From Their Balcony


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Earlier this year, a Bahamas vacationer went viral for catching an exotic fish off their cruise ship balcony…which, as it turns out, you can’t do.

Well, they did do it, but a better way to say it is that doing so was “against the rules.”

The original TikTok video posted by the couple has been deleted, though the internet is forever so you can still find versions of it going around.

@lovepeacecruise Carnival Passengers Captured Fishing From Cruise Ship Balcony Banned For Life From Cruising with Carnival. 🫢 #CruiseNews #cruisetok #CruiseTikTok #CruiseLife #CruiseFun #CarnivalCruise #Carnival #travel #vacation #cruisevacation #letscruise #SeaDay #CruiseNoNo #cruiseship #cruisehive article provided by @cruisehive ♬ original sound – Dfly ❤️☮️🛳️

The video, which was posted by a TikTok account with just a couple hundred followers, had been circulating on social media and had reached viral status…but it ultimately came at a high cost for the couple.

The pair of cruise ship goers (or former cruise ships goers I guess) were ultimately banned for life from cruising with Carnival after the company caught wind of the “cruise ship balcony fishing” video.

And what’s worse? It was their first ever Carnival cruise, as you can tell from the blue key card hanging around the guy’s neck signifying a first-time cruiser.

A representative for Carnival Cruise Ships had this to say about the fishing incident:

“Fishing from our ships is prohibited. We have identified the guests and they will not be cruising on Carnival again.”

And they would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that meddling TikTok…

It’s always unfortunate when the person that breaks the rules is responsible for busting themselves, but maybe they didn’t think the TikTok footage would surpass one million views and be shared all over the internet?

Plus, the couple can still sail aboard Disney, Norwegian, or Royal Caribbean adventures, so is it really that big of a loss anyways? Surely every single cruise line wouldn’t ban them from their ships right? Not in this economy.

If they are banned from all cruises, I like to think that every cruise ship terminal has posters of the couple that read “Have you seen this man/woman?” What other way can they make sure the couple doesn’t buy tickets for their cruises?

Ok, probably their personal information, yeah, you’re right.

If the couple isn’t banned from all cruise ship lines however, they will just have to make sure they keep their fishing poles at home next time they sail the seven seas.

Kayak Fisherman Spent 4 Hours Reeling In A Black Marlin

Lading a marlin is every fisherman’s dream.

I mean, is there a more exciting sport fish?

Nevertheless, even with a boat, a crew, and all the proper equipment, it’s not easy task. These fish are big, powerful, and not to mention, they have that big ol’ spear sticking out of their face.

So for Hawaii angler Jason Freitas to reel one in using just a kayak… it was the ride of a lifetime.

“Just want to say huge mahalo to all that participated in helping me land my first ever marlin and best of all of my kayak!

This fight was nothing but easy for sure. Hooked up on a live opelu in 280ft of water and dragged MILES straight off shore. I had to play this battle smart as I was only running 40lb fluro with a 44lb wire leader on a size 5 and 7 gamakatsu hook.

Thank you to S. Tokunaga Store for always keeping my supplies in stock and ready to go! This bad boy took me for a ride of a life time! At points dragging me up to 7 mph. Can’t thank the boys enough for keeping an eye on me and making sure my 3 1/2 hour journey was as safe as it could be.

Also would like to thank my pops for paddling 3 miles out into the ocean to be there to experience this battle with me. Lastly would like to thank uncle Podo for coming out of his way to not only keep an eye on me, but for also shooting and dragging this beast back in for me. I was definitely not prepared for what I had just experienced.

I had only what I needed to catch at the biggest a 50-80lb fish. But the battle didn’t end there. Bringing this fish home with no cooler big enough was something else. After providing measurements, the estimated weight is 250lbs. Mahalo again to all and thank you to the lord for watching over me and keeping us all safe!”


Here’s more from the catch:

Fisherman Dives Off Boat To Swim With Basking Shark

I mean, come on man you’re just asking for it here.

It’s no different than someone walking up to a bison, bear or any of the stupid tourists that go to Yellowstone National Park or any other for that matter. If you don’t go looking for trouble it won’t happen.

There’s something about the ocean that makes this seem even crazier to me. At least on land, that is our element, in water we don’t really stand a chance against something that lives there. We are not all Michael Phelps.

So, it definitely wouldn’t cross my mind to jump in the water with any shark, especially without any safety nets involved.

I get it, they thought it was a basking shark. There is no risk with them, they’re a plankton eating shark so the risk is minimal to say the least.

But, if you’re not an expert and you’re just out having a time with the boys, it might not be smart to make assumptions. This guy found that out as he jumped off the back of boat in with what they thought was a basking shark.

“That was a bad idea”

“Boys, that’s not, hooo!”

As you hear the cries of fear they all realize what just happened.

“That’s not a basking shark, dude”

They thought he may have jumped in with a Great White, the notorious killer. The panic you can hear in his voice is well deserved given what they did. Later on, after everything was calmed down they inspected farther and confirmed that it was actually a basking shark.

California resident Maxwell Fleming told Storyful the video was taken in the spring of 2019, while the pair were spearfishing at the Channel Islands.

“We spotted a fin in the water, approached it slowly, and determined that it was a basking shark.

Ryder and I were actually talking about wanting to swim with a basking shark a few days prior after we heard rumors about them being in the area this time of year.”

Close call, bro…

Spearfisherman Fights Off Two Sharks

Man, spearfishing ain’t for the faint of heart, eh?

I mean, it’s almost a fishermen’s tale that’s to good to be true and will only of be believed because of video proof.

It’s a great one to tell the kids too, “Yeah, I used to have to fight two sharks off just to get my tuna in.”

Spearfishing is a badass fishing method. A mix between hunting and fishing, but completely in a new element going underneath the water to get a good shot.

With sharks around, I don’t know if I would be causing a scene that would draw them in closer. A fish with a spear through it, flailing around the water is definitely what a shark is looking for.

You ever hear the expression “blood in the water?” You’re literally spearing a fish and pouring blood into the water.

This man had his eyes on the prize though as he sunk his spear through the tuna he was chasing. As soon as he grabs ahold of the rope a shark charges in towards the fisherman. He punches the shark in the nose pushing it away.

Keep in mind, he’s trying to hang on to the tuna while he’s fighting off a shark… in the shark’s kitchen.

Another shark appears and they both begin circling and coming in close as the fisherman pulls the tuna in close and pays attention to the sharks too all while surfacing for air.

Talk about a rush, you can feel the adrenaline pumping just watching the video.

The fight gets more intense as the man gets the fish in closer. Getting tangled in the line, one of the sharks comes right at him and roughs him up until he goes back under. The man pulls out a knife and stabs one that comes close, as it swims off the other comes in and catches a stab as well.

The man goes up and waves down his boat that comes to get him to safety. He throws the fish in first then climbs up in.

Dude… I love tuna as much as the next guy, but not way in hell I’m getting into a knife fight with two sharks over it.

Stabbing sharks and still getting the fish, that’s as intense as fishing gets.

South Carolina State Record Hammerhead Shark

It’s not always about winning.

According to For The Win, a pair of South Carolina fishermen hooked into a hammerhead shark that easily would’ve destroyed the state record.

Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds, this shark was a whopping 400 pounds over the current state record of 588. The world record catch sits at 1,280-pounds from Boca Grande, Florida.

However, after battling for over an hour, the captain decided to let the fish go rather than bringing it in for the official weigh in.

Outcast Sportfishing Captain Chip Michalove said the two fishermen were so beat they didn’t even want the photo:

“They were so exhausted they could barely stand. Pete crashed on the cooler and laid there in exhaustion, and his friend was so tired that I barely convinced him to just hold the camera while I reached over and grabbed the shark’s head for one quick photo.

I tried to get them to lean over for a picture, but they wouldn’t budge. So I threw a quick tag in the shark, popped the hook and sent her off.”

He shared his picture to Twitter:

“13.5ft, over 1,000lbs, hammerhead this morning. We set out fully committed into finding the same hammer that was circling us yesterday and she was waiting. Tagged and released her healthy.

Would’ve demolished our state record but love these fish too much to kill.”

And despite this beast pushing near the world record, Michalove says he is done chasing records:

“Fifteen years ago, I would’ve thrown a rope around her head and dragged her back to demolish the records. But these sharks have given me a good life and they’re too important to our fishery.

“We’ve recaptured so many tigers, lemons, bulls, I owe them everything. I’ve gotten a few messages on how I should’ve dragged her back, but there’s not even a question that we did the right thing.”


Here’s one Chip reeled in off the coast of Hilton Head, back in 2011:

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