Bahamas Vacationer Lands A Fish From Cruise Ship Balcony


Can you still be “country” when you are out of the country?

I think this video answers that question with a resounding “yes.” I’m not sure if anyone has ever attempted this, but a cruise goer managed to bring a fishing pole on with their luggage so that they could cast a few lines off their cruise ship room’s balcony.

In this TikTok video, it appears that the multi-level cruise ship is docked at a stop. The man in the video must’ve thought “what better time to see if I can catch a fish?”

I’m just guesstimating, but it looks like the drop off from the boat’s balcony is around 4 or 5 stories.

The gorgeous Bahamas ocean begins to ripple around the line, and the woman filming the entire thing offers some hilarious commentary:

“Oh my God, you actually caught a fish. Holy s*** dude…don’t swing it.

What the f*** is that?

Don’t swing it into somebody’s place!”

Definitely not a largemouth bass that is on the line.

When you watch the video, you are absolutely thinking that the fish is going to swing into one of the lower level balconies. Imagine 1) if you were looking out your window from one of the lower rooms and you see a fish just swinging by your window or 2) if the fish had unhooked while it swung back and forth and was just left flopping on someone’s balcony.

I like to think about how dumbfounded someone would be if they opened up their sliding glass door to take in the ocean view from their room and a fish just slaps them in the face. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and the man was able to reel it all the way up and unhook it on his own balcony.

The TikTok is captioned with:

“When you take a country boy on a cruise to the Bahamas.”

@jessicalocklear02 When you take a country boy on a cruise to the bahamas! #balconyfishing #bahamas #countryboy ♬ original sound – Jessica Locklear

What a catch.

I am, however, a bit concerned for the fish now. The video cuts after the fish has been brought all the way up and then laid down on the porch floor. My question is: how does the fish get back to the water?

It appears to be some kind of trunkfish or boxfish, which are known for their toxic skin… AKA, you can’t eat them.

So it has to be a catch and release, and unfortunately for the fish, it looks like things are going to get worse before they get better. I see a painful, 5-story belly flop in that fish’s future.

Maybe the man will walk him down a couple of stories to drop him, but I’m sure he probably isn’t supposed to be fishing off the boat in the first place, so that doesn’t seem like a great option either. I’ve got a bad feeling that the fish is gonna be dropping back into the water “from the top rope.”

Give that man some credit though, he’s a hell of a fisherman and he can say he’s reeled in an exotic fish at the Bahamas now. He’s even wearing a PFG fishing shirt, so this man clearly has a passion for ripping lips.

Plus, vacations are all about getting away and relaxing, and what is more relaxing than throwing a lure into the beautiful blue waters of the Bahamas?

Just hope the fish survives the fall, and for the fisherman’s sake, Carnival doesn’t find out about him fishing off the side.

It might bring their cruise to an end pretty quickly…

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