Wild Horse Stomps The Lights Out Of An Alligator In Florida State Park

Horse stomps a gator in Florida
Krystal M Berry

Rule #1 in the animal kingdom… don’t mess with the babies. Whether it’s a mother grizzly bear, a mother moose, or even a horse… if you want to feel the fury of nature’s most powerful creatures, threaten their young.

A few years back, a group of friends enjoyed a hike in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park south of Gainesville, Florida, when they witnessed something incredibly rare, yet very on-brand for Florida. Only in Florida will you see a wild horse stomp the life out of a gator as you meander around, snapping pics for your Instagram.

Obviously, this crew got more than they bargained for as the great outdoors delivered a heavyweight showdown, leaving one gator lucky to still have a skull.

And here we go…

According to Krystal M. Berry, who captured the video, the gator appeared to survive the blow:

“I did contact the reserve to check on the horse and gator. There were no clear signs of distress/bleeding when we left the site.”

Of course, she called the reserve to check on the horse and gator… just wait until she finds out what the gator is gonna kill later today.

Here’s the full news segment from Fox 13:

Kayaker Rammed By Alligator & Knocked Into River

Experienced kayaker Peter Joyce was out paddling down the Waccamaw River recently when out of nowhere, his kayak was charged by a hungry gator.

The gator hit so hard that it knocked the kayak over, except Joyce was able to grab hold of a branch to keep it from completely tipping upside down.

He shared his experience with WECT:

“I thought I heard a fish jump to my left, turned out not to be a fish. About three feet from the kayak I made out the head of the gator and that was it, I had no time to react.

My mind was playing catch-up at that point. Basically, when I made out the head of the gator towards the front end of the kayak it was kind of just a state of shock.

As soon as it hit the kayak and I went what just happened? If it hit and there was nothing to grab on the right side of me, I would have inverted… It could’ve been a lot worse.”

Just the eerie calm of the river prior to the attack was enough to give me the willies.

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