Matt Koziol Teams Up With Isaac Gibson Of 49 Winchester On New Single “Old Fashioned”

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Matt Koziol

2024 is going to be a big year for Matt Koziol.

Hailing from New Jersey but a longtime resident of Nashville, Koziol has been a steady presence in the Music City, releasing underrated original music consistently throughout the past decade. Paying his dues as a songwriter and touring musician, Koziol has put in plenty of time honing his craft over the years, and it seems like this could finally be the year his music takes off and reaches the masses. With a brand new album on the way, he’s sure to turn some heads.

Another single off of his aptly titled forthcoming sophomore record Last of the Old Dogs, Koziol’s latest release “Old Fashioned” is a pseudo-cautionary tale of what can happen when someone loses touch with their roots, reiterating the importance of the laid back, appreciative of nature lifestyle that country music, and the song’s narrator, were built upon. While some may say the lifestyle has gone out of style, and the glamour of the big city is much more appealing, Koziol capitalizes on his deft lyricism as he begs to differ through the clever lens of an ironically feel-good breakup song.

And to make this song even more of a heater, Koziol employs the talents of 49 Winchester frontman Isaac Gibson, who may just have the best voice in country music, to feature on the track and contribute his signature Appalachian Soul flare to one of the best songs of the year thus far.

If you haven’t already, give Matt Koziol’s latest tune, “Old Fashioned, featuring 49 Winchester’s Isaac Gibson, a listen for yourself.

Last Of The Old Dogs Tracklist:

1. “Which Way To Heaven” (Matt Koziol, Reyna Roberts)

2. “Better Side Of Lonely” (Matt Koziol, Ava Suppelsa, Khal Yassein)

3. “Last Of The Old Dogs” (Matt Koziol, Steve Moakler, Andy Skibb)

4. “The Fire” (Matt Koziol, John Stanislawski, Tristan Bushman)

5. “Mine” (Matt Koziol, Carlton Anderson)

6. “Ghost In This House (Feat. Vince Gill)” (Hugh Prestwood)

7. “I Was” (Matt Koziol, Kenton Bryant)

8. “You Better Run, Son” (Matt Koziol, Brandon Moore)

9. “Letting You Go Again” (Matt Koziol, Jenn Schott, Danny Rader)

10. “Old Fashioned (feat. Isaac Gibson of 49 Winchester)” (Matt Koziol, Brett Truitt, Steve Moakler)

11. “Follow Me Home” (Matt Koziol, Gus Seyfertt)

12. “Uphill Battle” (Matt Koziol)

13. “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” (Fred Rose)

With three EPs and a handful of singles released between 2014 and 2020, Koziol began releasing singles for his debut album Wildhorse in 2021 before the whole project hit streaming platforms in 2022. Well received by fans and critics alike, Wildhorse coincided with plenty of big time gigs on the road with Whiskey Myers and other high profile artists, and laid the foundation for what I expect to be a breakthrough for Koziol this year.

Since the release of Last of the Old Dogs‘ debut single “Follow Me Home” this past summer, buzz surrounding the album, set to be released sometime this spring, has only grown with each release. It sure doesn’t hurt, though, when you have Isaac Gibson and Vince Gill contributing vocals on your music. If you haven’t heard any of the other singles the alt-country troubadour has been releasing in recent months, check them out below.

“Follow Me Home”

We should’ve seen this Isaac Gibson collaboration coming when Koziol broke out the 49 Winchester lid in this music video.

“You Better Run, Son”

“Which Way To Heaven”

“Ghost in This House” ft. Vince Gill

If the singles released thus far are any indication, Last of the Old Dogs could be something special. While we await the release of the full project, though, keep on streaming the singles above, and be on the lookout for more details surrounding the new album and tour dates in the near future.

Matt Koziol on Tour:

Fri., Mar. 8 – Sun., Mar. 10 | C2C Festival | London, UK

Thurs., Mar. 21 | The Queen | Wilmington, DE

Fri., Mar. 22 | Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center | Harrisburg, PA

Sat., Mar. 23 | White Eagle Hall | Jersey City, NJ

Fri., Apr. 12 – Sun., Apr. 14 | Cattle Country Fest | Gonzales, TX

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