“She’s A Boss” – Lainey Wilson Says Taylor Swift Told Her She’s A Fan Of Her Music

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The Zach Sang Show

Doesn’t get much bigger than that.

Lainey Wilson is a superstar of the country music world, but to hear someone with global popularity like Swift saying they are a fan of your music has to leave you star-struck.

The Louisiana native recently sat down with Zach Sang for an episode of The Zach Sang Show to discuss new music, the Grammy Awards, her brand partnerships, and more. During a portion of the interview, Wilson was asked if someone had said they were a fan of hers, which shocked her—playing into the moments of feeling like you’ve made it.

Wilson fires that Taylor Swift approached her recently, saying she enjoys her music.

“Taylor Swift told me she was a fan of me… bing, bang, bong. No, I told her that I um…I truly respect her I think that freakin’ awesome. But when I was 14, I watched her perform at CMA Fest, Riverfront Stage…I told her that, and she was like, ‘There were like 16 people at that.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I was there… we were a few of the 16.’

It’s just so cool to see how she has done this. She’s a boss.” 

Wilson then goes on to say how the interaction went down and how, while she was grateful for the opportunity to meet Swift, she never wanted to feel like she was bothering someone else famous.

“I can only imagine what her life feels like. I don’t want anything from anybody. I just think it’s nice to shake hands and say, ‘Hey, I think you are bad***.'” 

As Taylor Swift got her start in country music, it’s nice to hear that she respects the sound today’s big names are producing. Wilson follows in the footsteps of Swift with her stage presence, too. In every performance, they both give it their all to make it memorable for the audience…true artistry.

Maybe we will get a Lainey Wilson feature when Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version) is ready to be re-recorded.

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You can check out the full interview while you’re here.

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