Kid Rock Recalls Awkward Interaction While Delivering Weed To Tom Petty: “We Have Nothing In Common”

Kid Rock Tom Petty
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That’s some high profile clientele.

We lost the great Tom Petty back in 2017, and later learned that his tragic death at the age of 66 was the result of an opioid overdose.

But on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Kid Rock recalled a time when he served as a weed dealer of sorts for the superstar during some shows in Michigan.

I just started the Rogan episode, but the first story that Kid Rock tells is about getting a call in his home state asking if he could get some marijuana for Tom Petty:

“Dude, I used to be Tom Petty’s weed dealer in a sense. He would come to town, he married a girl from Saginaw, Michigan. I forget her name. Great girl.

And they would come to outside Detroit where I lived and I’d get this call like, ‘Hey can you get Tom some weed?’

I’d be like, ‘F*ck, I’ll take him some weed.’ So I’d call some of my brother’s friends and get some weed. I’d be like, ‘This is f*cking awesome cause I love Tom Petty.’ And I didn’t really know him.”

But when ol’ Bob Ritchie got to Petty’s dressing room with the weed, he realized they didn’t really have much to talk about:

“I’d be in his dressing room and he’d be like, ‘So what’s up man?’

I’d be like, ‘Nothing.’

Then I’m like, we have nothing in common. This guy’s so f*cking high, I might have been tuned up on a couple beers or something. And I’m like, ‘Well, that sucked. Guess I’ll just enjoy the music.'”

Kid Rock says this all happened when he was “a big star,” and he was all excited to hang with Tom Petty, but that turned out not to be his experience:

“Not really. I was just taking him weed. Trying to hang out with him.”

Classic Bob.

Joe Rogan Amazed By Kid Rock’s Mansion

Over the past couple years or so, Kid Rock made a ton of headlines between his unapologetic political views, his conversations with Tucker Carlson and Bill Maher, and with the release of his new album Bad Reputation, featuring the anti-snowflake, anti-cancel culture anthem, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live.” 

And of course, the entire world saw his Bud Light protest…

But if you wanted to know how Kid Rock actually lives, just listen to the party pad he has out in Nashville.

On an episode of the The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe was chatting with fellow comedian and Nashville resident Theo Von. If you’re not familiar with Theo, he’s absolutely hysterical and he’s got some great specials on Netflix.

Go watch it, thank me later.

Anyways, back to Kid Rock…

With Theo moving to Nashville, they got to talking about other folks in Nashville, like Bob Ritchie, AKA Kid Rock.

And according to Joe, Kid Rock has a SPREAD.

A 27,000 square foot mansion that looks just like the White House, there’s only two bedroom in the whole place. The rest… party space. A twenty-person hot tub that looks like a mine, a gold covered walk-in shower, an old church that was converted into a horse stable, and more.

“It’s the most wild, rockstar, hillbilly type shit… it’s when you give a real redneck fuckin’ insane amounts of money, they build something like this.”

If you ever get the invite to Kid Rock’s, you might wanna take it.


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A beer bottle on a dock