Remember When Luke Bryan Embarrassed Dustin Lynch At Crash My Playa? – “No One Has Passed More STD Tests Than This Gentleman”

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Luke Bryan

With American Idol being back, Luke Bryan is once again in the public’s eye.

On the first episode of Season 22, had a memorable moment when he sang a duet with a contestant but then voted against her moving onto the Hollywood round, which is kind of harsh but really funny.

He also admitted that the judges don’t always get it right when asked about Lainey Wilson getting rejected by the show 7 times.

While I’m sure there’s going to be no shortage of embarrassing clips of Luke doing corny things coming our way over the coming weeks, I was reminded of a moment early last year when he had a bit too much to drink and wound up being a bit unkind to Dustin Lynch while introducing him at his annual Crash My Playa festival in Mexico.

Obviously everything he said was supposed to be fun in a teasing sort of way, but fans didn’t much appreciate Luke’s comment:

“The longest-standing representative of Crash My Playa, no one, no one has drank more liquor, no one has vomited more, no one has taken more drugs, no one has taken more IVs, no one has passed, no one has passed more STD tests than this next gentleman.

He has got a clean bill, he does not have diseases, give it up for Dustin Lynch!”


Funny? Sure. But to say Dustin Lynch fans were upset would be an understatement and Luke eventually posted an apology video to clear the air.

“Dustin Lynch is one of my dearest friends on the planet, no one respects him more than I do and that night at Playa, Sunday night, last night I get everybody out [on stage].

And my introduction of him was complete sarcasm. Those words were so absurd, I figured everybody would take it as sarcasm. Obviously, some people didn’t. I spoke to Dustin. I love him. He and I are all good and I apologize to anybody that doesn’t understand my humor and sarcasm.

It’s been going on like that down there for years. We’ll see y’all next year. Go download Dustin’s new single. Love y’all.”

Dustin commented back on the video to prove that all was well between the two of them.

“Thx for the call, love ya bro. All good. We had a lot of fun down there again with the pirates.” 

All’s well that ends well and this is probably just another reason why you should take it easy on the tequila…

Truthfully Dustin Lynch fans got a bit out of hand getting overly offended by this, but hey, you at least got to give it to Luke for laying it out there and trying to be funny. Let’s crank up my personal favorite of all his songs, “What Country Is”.

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