People React To Another Boeing Airplane Forced To Emergency Land After Piece Of Wing Blows Off

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Kevin Clarke

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, now is not the time to be flying in America. But now is especially not the time to be flying on Boeing airplanes because there’s been so many horrific stories involving the once great aircraft company.

Remember the plane whose door blew off? Boeing. The cargo plane whose engine burst into flames over Miami? Also Boeing.

And those are just the two most recent problems. A few years back there were the two 737 MAX planes crashed within 5 months of each other resulting in the deaths of 346 people. This was due to a particular software program that sent the plane into a series of automated nosedives.

So yeah, Boeing has seen better days to say the least. Well, now we can add another issue to this long list as a United flight from San Francisco to Boston was forced to make an emergency landing in Denver after part of a wing broke off.

According to NBC10 Boston, a passenger named Kevin Clarke captured the terrifying scene on video and spoke to the news outlet on his experience:

“I heard this incredibly violent vibration. It didn’t last for very long, you know it was very loud I was like “that’s not normal at all” 

He goes on to say things calmed for about 45 minutes until the pilot walked down the aisle and began looking out his window.

“He goes behind me and I was kind of sleepy so I wasn’t paying much attention at that point. But then he goes back to the cockpit and he comes on the PA and says “We’ve discovered we have some damage on one of the front flaps and we’re going to divert to Denver to put you all on a different plane.”

Here’s the picture he captured from his seat.

Fortunately the plane landed safely in Denver and it seems as though everyone was able to get to Boston, but my goodness can you believe this is actually happening?

In the United States of America airplanes are literally falling apart in midair. It seems to be a matter of luck rather than preparedness that no one has been hurt or worse yet, and that’s a sentiment that many people share with me.

I have some trips coming up that involve flying, and while I understand that thousands and thousands of flights go off without incident daily, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about this…

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