Insane Video Shows Boeing Airplane Erupt In Flames Shortly After Takeoff From Miami Airport

airplane fire

What the heck is going on with airplanes these days?

The year is 2024. Airplanes were invented in 1903 and commercial air travel began in 1914. Airplane manufacturers have had over 100 years to work out the kinks but almost daily we’re bombarded with insane videos showing potentially horrific malfunctions.

Who can forget the allegedly-sealed door that blew off a brand new Alaskan Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 just weeks ago? But if you thought that was bad (and it sure as heck was) wait until you see this video that’s coming out of Miami…

A Boeing 747 cargo plane took off from Miami International Airport late Thursday night and almost immediately upon getting airborne, suffered an “engine malfunction” that caused the engines to catch on fire and spit flames and sparks into the dark night sky.

Fortunately, the plane was able to turn around and make an emergency landing back at Miami airport, but my goodness, what the hell is going on with Boeing planes? Aren’t they supposed to be the Cadillac of commercial airliners? What happened to the brand that used to be best in the world?

Atlas Airlines made the following statement regarding this incident.

“We can confirm that Flight 5Y095, a cargo aircraft, landed safely after experiencing an engine malfunction soon after departure from Miami International Airport (MIA), The crew followed all standard procedures and safely returned to MIA.”

Preliminary investigations found a “softball-sized hole” above one of the engines, according to NBC Miami.

Melanie Adaros, a local Miami resident, captured the footage while on a walk with her mother and spoke to NPR about the incident.

“There’s always planes flying overhead, but they’re little planes. But this didn’t sound like a little plane. It sounded very low, so I turned … You always see a plane going up or going down. This one was just at a steady level and it was shooting sparks. It was very surreal.”

To understand potentially why these problems are happening, you can listen to Saagar Enjeti’s monologue from Breaking Points a little over a week ago.

I can’t believe all of this is happening in the United States of America in the year 2024… To anyone traveling, stay safe out there, at least as safe as you can be.

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