“Hate Going Fishing, But I Love Going Catching” – Deion Sanders Was Ripping Lips & Has The Pictures To Prove It

Coach Prime bass
Deion Sanders

Looks like Coach Prime is enjoying the offseason.

Deion Sanders has been in the spotlight a lot in his life. Whether it was his playing days in NFL and MLB, his time at the HBCU Jackson State, or his current coaching gig with the Colorado Buffaloes, a lot of eyes have always been on him.

So it was probably nice for the Colorado head coach to take some time away from all of the busyness of sports to find a body of water to cast a few lines in. There’s not much out there that’s more therapeutic than hearing the cast of a reel send the lure up into the air, just so it can then splash back down into the water. The only sound that’s possibly better is the one the fish makes when it first comes flopping out of the water.

Deion was getting to experience it all, and looked to be doing quite well at the “honey hole” he was fishing at (which, to be fair, is a private pond on his property affectionately known as Lake Prime). The football icon posted a number of pictures of all of the bass he pulled in onto his Instagram account.

And to top it off, he looked the part too. Coach Prime was sporting a Major League Fishing hat in all of the pictures, along with a Nike pullover that looked to be the colors of his Colorado Buffalo squad. Of course, the MLF Bass Pro Tour is in action this weekend for their Stage 2 stop at the Santee Cooper chain of lakes in Clarendon County, South Carolina.

Deion’s caption for the post was classic Deion Sanders, if you know what I’m saying. I love the hashtags too:

“I hate going fishing, but I love to go catching!”

That’s honestly a great saying. I’m a little upset that I never thought of that, or at least never heard it and used it first. Now that I think about it, I don’t really like fishing either, but I definitely love catching.

But anyways, shoutout to Deion for ripping lips and showing it off. I’m here for all of the Coach Prime fishing content.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock