This Valentine’s Day Proposal At A Georgia Waffle House Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Waffle House proposal

Gentlemen, take notes. This is how it’s done.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and most people have only dried out flowers shedding petals and a few coconut stuffed dark chocolates left, but one woman in Georgia has to still be head over heels after her man pulled off the most romantic proposal that’s ever been done. It wasn’t over the top, not gawdy and expensive. It didn’t involve pyrotechnics or hikes to a mountain top or a gathering of friends and family.

No, all it took was a man, a woman, and a Waffle House.

That’s right, John Cox, a fisherman and proud owner of Cox Plumbing in Carrolton, Georgia pulled off the rare and mystical Waffle House engagement. Last year a Tennessee couple had their wedding reception at a local Waffle House but this moment takes top prize for me as the most romantic thing to occur in everyone’s favorite diner.

John filmed the entire thing, being sure to show the bouquet of flowers he brought for the table, and truthfully it’s one of the sweetest things you’ll watch. He starts by saying:

“Now look, it takes a real man, look baby, it takes a real man to make a Waffle House romantic.”

She answers happily “Yeah” and he continues as a worker walks over to the table carrying a very special plate.

“And I just have one question. Will you marry me?”

While it took a second for her to realize she was being handed a waffle topped with a diamond ring but her reaction was nothing short of pure gold. Tears fill her eyes and you can see just how happy she is, but one thing immediately came to her mind.

“What?! I got you… I got you beef jerky!”

Now it’s time for the ladies to take notes because beef jerky is a heck of a Valentine’s Day present. She eventually says yes and the video stops for the two of them to enjoy their special moment at their Waffle Home.

This is real romance. No need to be fancy, don’t have to break the bank (although that ring looked like it cost a pretty penny; talk about a rock), don’t need to be something that you’re not. All it takes is two people and some old fashioned love.

Congratulations to these two. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and hashbrowns.

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A beer bottle on a dock