Missing Rip Wheeler? Here’s 6 Cole Hauser Movies To Watch While You Wait For The Return Of Yellowstone

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Is it November yet?

The most popular show in TV, Yellowstone, has been on hiatus for quite awhile as the franchise worked through a slew of behind the scenes issues that ranged from spending, to filming schedules, to writer and actor strikes.

The good news is the second half of Season 5 will be premiering this year; the bad news is it’s not until November.

Fortunately for us fans, there’s plenty of other Yellowstone related content out there for us to stream.

Two prequels, 1883 and 1923, are available to watch now on Paramount+. They tell the story of how the Dutton family came to be located in Montana while shining a light on the harsh realities of settlers moving west. You can grab a 7 day free trial here, which will give you plenty of time to get caught up on both shows, along with the other Taylor Sheridan created series like Lawman: Reeves, Tulsa King, and Lioness: Special Ops. 

And if you want to see more of Rip Wheeler, the character nearly everyone fell in love with from the second Cole Hauser popped on screen, you may just be in luck.

Reports came out that three Yellowstone actors are interested in signing on to be in the sequel series that’s in the works with Matthew McConaughey at the lead. The only reason to temper expectations is the asking price that Hauser, Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), and Luke Grimes (Kaycee Dutton) are reportedly demanding, which is over $1 million per episode for Hauser and Reilly.

Despite the break in filming and the star power he now commands, Cole Hauser has stayed busy in his time away from set. This year he opened Free Rein Coffee Company, which is centered around the hard work and early rising lifestyle of cowboys and first responders. You can take a look at their full line of products here and there’s certainly something for everyone as roasts range from high caffeine Heavy Spur to the classic American Dirt and all varieties in between.

While Hauser may have become something of a household name from his role on Yellowstone, he’s put together quite an impressive resume over his entire acting career.

Here’s some shows and movies to watch if you want to see Cole Hauser in action.

Dazed And Confused

Hopefully Hauser and McConaughey’s history will help bring the two together again, as Cole played Benny O’Donnell, a paddle toting senior football player looking for some freshman to whoop, in the 1993 high school cult classic.

Good Will Hunting

How do you like them apples? Hauser played Billy McBride, one of Will’s blue collar tough but tender hearted friends. While he was somewhat overshadowed by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Robin Williams, Hauser’s role was crucial in laying down the backstory and context for Will’s ascent.

2 Fast 2 Furious

Admittedly I’m not a big fan of the driving cars off bridges action movie series, but being able to morph himself into a style like this shows the range Hauser has an actor. Playing Carter Verone, a ruthless drug lord who’s will do anything to get his way, it may not be his most memorable role, but partaking in a movie that did $236.4 million at the box office will forever be a feather in his cap.

High Incident

Not a movie, but we’re recommending it anyways. This Steven Spielberg created series ran on ABC for 2 seasons and featured Hauser as Officer Randy Willitz of the El Camino Police Department.

Olympus Has Fallen

Hauser again showed off his knack for getting screen time alongside Hollywood legends, this time Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler. He played Secret Service agent Roma in this 2013 box office hit that spawned two sequels. Most notably, Hauser was the actor who got to utter the iconic line “Olympus Has Fallen”.

The Last Champion

Hauser takes the lead in this 2020 film based on a true story, starring as scandal-ridden ex-Olympic wrestler John Wright. Upon returning home, he’s forced to deal with his past and Hauser puts on a great performance, although some people have said the plotline has a few holes in it, but hey, that’s not Cole’s fault.

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