‘Yellowstone’ Actors Kelly Reilly & Cole Hauser Are Reportedly Asking For Over $1 Million Per Episode To Join Upcoming Spinoff ‘2024’

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It seems like all we’re getting out of Yellowstone these days is drama…

As you’re probably well aware, the long awaited second half of Season 5 is set to be released at the end of this year after a long break caused by issues with Kevin Costner’s contract, spending budgets, and the writer/actor strike.

Fortunately for us fans, there’s been a slew of spinoff shows and other productions from the hands of creator Taylor Sheridan to tide us over, but let’s be real, we all want to see how the flagship show is going to wrap up.

It hasn’t all been bad news for the franchise though. Lainey Wilson wants to get back in the action and rumors of Matthew McConaughey taking the lead for a new spinoff had us all waiting on the edge of our seats, but there’s been recent negative news that puts a damper on all that.

For starters, reports came out that McConaughey may be out because he wants to see a script first and given how busy Sheridan is on his seemingly endless projects, who knows when that will be.

Sheridan has been hard at work on series like Lawman Bass Reeves, Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa, and Special Ops: Lioness, which are all streaming on Paramount+, alongside Yellowstone spinoffs 1883 and 1923. If you don’t have a subscription, no worries, you can get a 7 day free trial by clicking here. That gives you plenty of time to binge watch a show that’s been on your list or give all the shows a sample to see if anything sticks.

On top of the McConaughey report, a few actors from Yellowstone have expressed interest in joining on for a sequel series titled (for now) 2024, but reports are coming out that they want a big pay day to sign on.

According to Puck News, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes, who play Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler, and Kayce Dutton respectively, like the idea of bringing familiarity to the upcoming show, but given Yellowstone is the largest series on TV, they want a significant pay raise to do so.

Reilly is reportedly asking for $1.5 million per episode while Hauser is asking for $1.25 million, which is apparently hundreds of thousands more than their current rate. Details of Grimes negotiation haven’t come out in public yet.

They are also asking to be billed on top of McConaughey for the series, despite the star power and name recognition the longtime Hollywood A lister brings to the table. Granted, this is one of those weird Hollywood sticking points for actors, but if it matters to you it matters to you and I don’t think there will be an easy resolution to it.

Cole Hauser has stayed busy in his time away from set, having opened Free Rein Coffee Company, which is centered around the hard work and early rising lifestyle of cowboys and first responders. You can take a look at their full line of products here and there’s certainly something for everyone as roasts range from high caffeine Heavy Spur to the classic American Dirt and all varieties in between.

Like all fans, I’ll be anxiously awaiting a resolution for all of this drama and will be tuned in to watch the end of Season 5 and whatever the prequel ends up being.

Until then, I guess I’ll be rewatching everything that’s already out (again).

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