Willie Nelson’s “Valentine” Is One Of The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Songs Ever Made

Willie Nelson country music
Youtube/Austin City Limits

One of the sweetest Valentine’s Day songs I’ve ever heard.

Leave it to Willie Nelson to pen one like “Valentine,” which was included on his 1993 40th studio album, Across the Borderline.

A simple tune that finds the red headed stranger begging a woman named Valentine to be his Valentine in whatever year this was, it features heart-melting lyrics that would have any girl instantly checking “yes” on that question:

“Candy heart
If anyone could, you could have a candy heart
You’re the sweetest of all sweethearts
Won’t you give your heart to me?
Can’t you see?

I love you, valentine
Won’t you be my Valentine?
And introduce your heart to mine
And be my Valentine?”

Certainly an underrated song within his legendary, iconic catalog of classic music, this is the perfect tune to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist and send to someone you love today.

And Willie’s 1990 performance of the song at Austin City Limits is equally as heart-melting as the studio version, which is a bit slower and more somber. He first played it in March, saying that he was already late on Valentine’s Day inspiration so he had it ready to go for next year:

“A lot of songs have been written about Valentine’s Day, and this was somewhere in March. So I said, I’m late already, so I might as well start one for next year.”

Just watch it for yourself, I promise you won’t regret it and will easily have a new favorite song to play every February 14th on repeat:


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