Kansas City Chiefs RB Isiah Pacheco Seen Carrying Around Actual Goat At Super Bowl Parade

Isaish Pachecho

The Kansas City Chiefs celebratory Super Bowl parade is out of control.

There has been an endless stream of noteworthy moments from the streets of Kansas City, Missouri, from defensive star Willie Gay Jr. having the time of his life to Travis Kelce grabbing a shirtless cardboard cutout out of the crowd to pose for a picture (and a beer chug).

As you can see here:

And unsurprisingly, there was a goat sighting during the rowdy parade that rode through the streets of Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes was obviously there, and has certainly made a case for being called the “Greatest of All Time,” but I’m not talking about that kind of GOAT.

I’m instead referring to the barnyard animal, which Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco got from somewhere or someone during the parade. The “Pacheco is carrying Patrick Mahomes around at the parade” joke writes itself.

Check it out:

Now I might be recklessly speculating here, but it looks like that small goat has a Kansas City jersey on. If it is, in fact, the threads of Patrick Mahomes, that is an absolutely brilliant Super Bowl parade moment.

No one knows where the goat came from, or if it was planned to be given to Pacheco at some point during the parade’s route. There’s a chance that someone just showed up to the event with the jersey-ed goat and handed it off to any player that was willing to take it.

Pacheco was seen carrying the small animal towards the end of the parade, and eventually handed it off to someone else. Personally, I’m hoping that the goat wasn’t a one-hit-wonder. An Instagram account dedicated to a goat named Patrick Mahomes would do WONDERS on social media.

Hopefully the GOAT (the animal goat, not the real Patrick Mahomes) pops up again sometime soon. The best case scenario would be for Mahomes to adopt it, and the good news is that he’s got plenty of room at his newly built Kansas City home.

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