There’s A 4-Minute Extended Cut Of Ben Affleck’s “DunKings” Dunkin’ Commercial & It’s Glorious

Ben Affleck Jack Jarlow

Who knew that Ben Affleck’s role of a lifetime would come in an advertisement for Dunkin’ Donuts?

The movie star has had plenty of memorable moments on the big screen, but one could argue that he finally found his acting purpose with the latest Dunkin’ Super Bowl advertisement. Affleck has long been a supporter of the Dunkin’ coffee franchise, since he a) was raised in the Boston area and b) is often seen looking miserable as he holds a cup of Dunkin’ coffee.

As seen here (disregard the post’s message and just pay attention to the photos):

It’s not the beverage that’s making him feel that way in those pictures. The iced and hot coffees are actually getting him through the day, and I mean that in the literal, figurative and spiritual senses of the phrase.

So it only made sense that when it came time for Dunkin’ to put together a Super Bowl, they once again called upon the services of the man who has already given them so much free publicity.

And the coffee and donut franchise hit it out of the park with their “Big Game” ad spot. It’s widely regarded as one of the better commercials from all that aired, and even landed at the number one spot on a top five power ranking list here at Whiskey Riff.

The advertisement featured Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez (who is married to Affleck), Tom Brady and more. Though it seems like that’s a lot of people to fit into a one minute commercial, it actually worked seamlessly.

Check it out:

Perfection. Nothing could possibly beat that. That is unless Dunkin’ released a longer, more detailed version of the advertisement. Then that one minute advertisement could be beat.

And that’s exactly what Affleck and the coffee franchise did. Earlier today, the “extended cut” was uploaded to YouTube, and gives viewers a more in-depth look at how the “DunKings” came to be, and why Ben Affleck was so determined to make it work.

There are honestly so many funny moments in the longer, 4-minute version that it goes by just as fast as the original one minute commercial:

Can that be nominated for an Oscar?

It should be, but if it doesn’t fit the requirements for the award, maybe the DunKings’ song “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart” can win a Grammy. A full version of the song is set to release on Valentine’s Day, and no, I’m not joking…

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