Alicia Keys’ Off-Pitch Super Bowl Performance Scrubbed & Replaced With Auto-Tuned Version On YouTube

Usher Keys

You may have noticed that Alicia Keys was a little off-key during the Super Bowl halftime show, but good luck finding evidence of that now.

Usher had plenty of musical cameos during his performance (which was met with mixed reviews) at halftime, with the likes of H.E.R., Ludacris, Lil Jon, and Alicia Keys joining him on stage for what was the longest performance in Super Bowl history.

Of all the guests that Usher brought in, Alicia Keys was one of the fan favorites, and a moment shared between Usher and Alicia even went viral. To some, this hug went a little too far, considering Alicia Keys has been married for 14 years:

But enough about PDA, let’s get into the performance itself.

Those that tuned in for the halftime show couldn’t help but notice that Alicia Keys stumbled a bit out of the gate. As you’ll be able to hear in the clip below, the famous R&B singer had a voice crack moment in the first couple of seconds in her Super Bowl spotlight:

Alica Keys quickly recovered, and went on to have a memorable performance with Usher. Those kinds of things happen, and though people noticed, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

That is until the NFL decided to edit and/or autotune that moment before they posted the official performance on YouTube. This clip below is pulled from the NFL’s YouTube video, and you’ll notice that Alicia Keys’ voice crack is nowhere to be found:

Mistakes can happen when you are broadcasting live, so I guess it only makes sense that the NFL brushed it up a bit before posting the version that will be watched countless times online for years to come.

However, the editing and auto-tuning rubbed some social media users the wrong way, and they had this to say in response to the NFL’s modification:

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