AJ Brown Goes Viral For Reaction To Travis Kelce’s Outburst At Andy Reid – But Then Claims It Wasn’t Him?

Travis Kelce Andy Reid
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Didn’t mince words…

One of the most explosive moments of the Super Bowl came when Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was seen getting heated with his coach, Andy Reid, on the sideline.

Of course the internet went wild over the exchange, with plenty of jokes about the star tight end’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

And one of the most viral reactions to the outburst came, supposedly, from Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown.

Brown had been inactive on Twitter (or X, whatever) for over a month, but after Kelce’s outburst at read, Brown’s @1kalwaysopen_ account tweeted about the incident:

“If that was me I would’ve been kicked out the league”


But just a few minutes later, the account tweeted that it no longer belonged to Brown:

“This is a fake AJ brown page . I’m just a fan. I’m not trying to get him in trouble with what I say lol”

Eagles cornerback Darius Slay then seemingly confirmed that the account was not Brown, saying that he spoke to Brown who said that he did not post the tweet in question:

The (fake?) AJ Brown account then quoted Slay’s post:

“Tell him I will give him his page back for a sign jersey please”

And after the game, the account has since been deleted altogether.

So, was that really AJ Brown? Who knows. He could just be claiming that he was “hacked” or lost his account after his tweet about Kelce’s outburst got so much initial attention.

Or maybe he really did lose the account in the time it was deactivated and somebody else scooped it up. Who knows.

Either way, the tweet certainly got a lot of attention – even from fellow wide receiver Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins, who quote tweeted Brown’s reaction and seemingly implied that Kelce’s race is the reason he was able to get away with his outburst:

Just another bizarre moment from a wild Super Bowl Sunday.

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