“Ain’t Never Sniffed The Playoffs” – 49ers CB Charvarius Ward Rips Sauce Gardner In Epic Post-Super Bowl Takedown

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Whenever a dude claps back at another dude and begins his retort with, “BOY”, you know it’s about to go down and you better have your popcorn ready. San Francisco 49ers cornerback Charvarius Ward played so well for the Kansas City Chiefs as an undrafted free agent that he priced himself out of KC a couple years ago. He then cashed in with the 49ers, had a solid first year there, and backed that up in 2023 with a second-team All-Pro bid.

Although he did win Super Bowl LIV as a member of the Chiefs, it has to sting a little that both years since he’s been in the Bay Area, Kansas City has been the last team standing at the end of the season on their back-to-back championship runs. Last night was yet another close call for the Niners in a 25-22 overtime loss, so you can’t blame Ward for his emotions being a little raw.

New York Jets star corner Sauce Gardner happened to post his take on Super Bowl LVIII, which understandably irked Ward into a since-deleted social media post that rivals any dis this longtime sportswriter is acquainted with:

HOOOOOOOH. If an odd odor just entered your nostrils, it might’ve been Ward cooking Sauce’s flesh like Hannibal Lecter. Damn that got dark real quick.

Sauce defused the situation and didn’t even reply to Ward directly, which is a bit of a bummer if I’m being honest.

Ward is so spot on here, though. The Jets are the epitome of a sh*t show and have genuflected to every demand from Aaron Rodgers, the superstar quarterback who was supposed to lead Gang Green to Vegas for the Super Bowl before tearing his Achilles on his first series with New York. Instead, the biggest headlines the Jets made leading up to the Big Game revolved around their owner Woody Johnson putting the team on blast.

It’d be cool to see the Jets do well. For however I personally feel about Rodgers and his free-thinking antics, him running out with the American flag in Week 1 was among the most memorable sports moments in quite some time. Sauce could very well be in a far better position to talk sh*t next season around this time. After all, he’s made first-team All-Pro in each of his first two NFL seasons.

Sauce certainly isn’t the reason the Jets have sucked since he entered the league. Nor is Ward to blame for San Francisco’s latest heartbreaking loss. Pin it on Kyle Shanahan’s lack of attention to overtime rules. Blame the officials if you’re an NFL-is-rigged conspiracy theorist. Just don’t come sideways at Charvarius Ward. Not only will he roast the daylights out of you if you do, but he also more than held up his individual piece of the bargain on Super Bowl Sunday.

I will say, Ward could’ve done without going after a fan for calling out a take that appears to be quite chilly.

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