Travis Kelce Reportedly Had Chiefs Teammates In Tears With Emotional Super Bowl Pregame Speech

Travis Kelce
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Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs are fired up for the Super Bowl.

It shouldn’t be hard for teams to get fired up for the “Big Game.” Winning a Super Bowl puts your team forever in the record books, and the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will certainly be ready to battle for the Lombardi trophy.

Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City have plenty of experience playing in the Super Bowl. If they were able to win tonight, it would be their third Super Bowl victory in five years, with their other wins coming in 2020 and 2023.

And based on reports coming out of Las Vegas, where the “Big Game” is being played this year, the Chiefs are ready to rise to the occasion. Senior NFL reporter Albert Breer spoke to head coach Andy Reid earlier today, and the longtime NFL coach informed him that Mahomes, Kelce, and defensive tackle Chris Jones gave empowering speeches last night at the team hotel.

Breer sent out this post earlier, saying that Kelce’s words especially landed emotionally with the team:

“Chiefs coach Andy Reid had Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Chris Jones address the team last night at the hotel. All were great.

Kelce particularly so— ‘Unbelievable’ and ‘powerful,’ according to people in the room, to the point where some teammates were moved to tears.”

Wow…moved to tears? By something Travis Kelce said? That’s surprising, is it not?

Albert Breer sent out another post later on, which stated that another coach had this to say about Kelce’s speech to the team:

“Not even close. The best talk/speech I’ve ever heard.”

If the Chiefs end up pulling out a win over the 49ers, we’ll likely hear more specifics about that speech. But if you’ll allow me to recklessly speculate (with no inside information whatsoever), I think I’ve got an idea of what Kelce said to his teammates.

I believe it was a “do you believe in football, and do you believe in love” type of fiery speech. Kelce showed his teammates the engagement ring he has for Taylor Swift, and said he’ll only be able to propose if the Chiefs win.

Travis Kelce getting down on one knee as the confetti falls seems like the perfect way to cap this NFL season off. And I think his speech, which made some in the locker room cry, was encouraging everyone to play as hard as they can so Kelce can take advantage of the moment.

Tune in tonight (and root for the Chiefs to win) to see if my “reckless speculating” comes true…

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