Texas Hunter Claims Bald Eagle Landed On His Shoulder After He Asked God To “Get Close To That Eagle”

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This story is so majestic and magical, my skeptical self can’t help but wonder if it’s too good to be true.

I’d really like for it to be truthful, because if it is, it might be one of the most majestic outdoors stories the world has ever seen. People often say they feel connected to God when they’re out in nature, but this guy’s story takes that to a whole other level.

This Texas man was out hunting and claims that a Bald eagle landed on his shoulder after he prayed to God asking to be able to get closer to it. He apparently saw the large bird from across a pond that he wandered up to, and after watching it dive down for fish for a while, the hunter wanted to somehow get a closer look.

In the video’s description, the quote from the man himself set up the story like this:

“I came across this old pond way back in some national forest. After I climbed a hill, I saw a bald eagle swooping down to get a fish and fly all the way to the other side to eat his catch. He was about two hundred yards away…

I thought to myself and even said it out loud, almost mockingly, ‘God, if you hear me, I sure would like to get close to that eagle. I know most times you don’t seem to hear me, but if you are listening, I want to get close to that eagle.'”

If this video happens to be authentic and trustworthy, it might be evidence of the quickest answered prayer in the history of mankind. The hunter went on to explain that he stayed in that area for a couple of hours, and even briefly forgot about the prayer he had uttered.

But what he asked for all came rushing back when the Bald eagle allegedly flew right up to the man, and made him reconsider how he had been praying (and made him wish he had been praying more). The Texas hunter went to describe the almost unbelievable events that played out only a couple of hours after he prayed:

“I kinda forgot about the eagle and started making my way around the pond so when I looked up and only 10-15 feet away is this bald eagle looking right at me.

I froze in complete disbelief and total shock. I sat there for a few minutes in total bliss thinking, ‘No one is gonna believe this,’ but God still wasn’t done. I went to get up to leave and that dang eagle flew up and landed on my arm.”

I hate to say it, but the guy is right for thinking that no one would believe it (even though I’d really love to, like I conceded earlier). The man goes on to say that the Bald eagle stayed on his shoulder for an hour or so, and then eventually flew off and was “free as the day it was born.”

The Bald eagle could be a rescue that was used for this viral clip, or if the guy’s story checks out, it’s a wild Bald eagle that somehow answered a prayer to God. I unfortunately can’t confirm or deny anything, but I can direct you to press play on the video below to see what you think:

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