Oliver Anthony Tells Scotland Crowd That Was Mocking Joe Biden: “I Think Y’all Just Wrote My Next Song”

Oliver Anthony

Think this one will make the next album?

Oliver Anthony burst onto the scene last year with “Rich Men North of Richmond,” his political anthem bashing the elite DC politicians. The song became a mega-hit, racking up 117 million views on YouTube and over 155 million streams on Spotify so far.

But it’s not just a hit here in America.

Oliver Anthony (whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford) is currently touring overseas, and this week took his show to Glasgow, Scotland where it seems like the crowd was…pretty rowdy.

At one point the crowd began chanting an insult directed to President Joe Biden (I’m not going to say what it is, but it rhymes with “speedo”), much to the seeming delight of Anthony and his band.

As the crowd settled down, Anthony joked to the crowd:

“I think y’all just wrote my next song.”

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Anthony has previously said that he was heading to the studio at the beginning of this year to record his debut album, and recently sat down for an interview with Billboard to talk about what kind of (improved) sound fans can expect:

“In my opinion, it’s probably going to blow away everything else I’ve done so far, because everything has been recorded with just the internal microphone off of an about broken-in-half Android phone with a cracked screen.

Even the ‘Radio West Virginia’ videos used very basic equipment, so I had never had anything recorded with studio-quality equipment. So even just the vocal quality should absolutely knock people’s socks off, compared to what they’re used to hearing.”

Anthony continued in the interview and spoke on his desire for his first album to still have his signature, genuine sound:

“I want everything to still be authentic, and I want it to be me playing the music and not like a whole group of people involved. Everything now is just so carefully refined and edited and so we won’t have any of that.

If anything, some of the songs are going to be recorded on older equipment from the ‘40s, ‘50s, (and) ‘60s.”

Anthony also made sure to point out that he wants nothing to do with the country scene in the Music City:

“I’m never going to be in Nashville sitting with people co-writing, ever. Most anything I put out is going to be something I write just by myself and if I do co-write something with somebody, it’s going to be with another artist and we’re going to be singing the song together.

I don’t ever want to sit in some writing circle somewhere and have somebody in khaki pants and a collared shirt figuring out what my words are from my song. There’s a million other people that can go do that. I’m not one of those guys.”

I guess we’ll have to see if he takes any inspiration from the crowd in Scotland and changes up the tracklist…

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