Nothing Will Ever Top McDonald’s 1993 “The Showdown” Super Bowl Ad Featuring Michael Jordan & Larry Bird

Michael Jordan Larry Bird

Nothing screams McDonald’s fast food like having two of the greatest athletes of their time play basketball for a Big Mac.

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird faced off against one another countless times in their respective primes, but there may have been no bigger matchup than when they had a shooting contest for a bag of McDonald’s food. At least that’s what the “Golden Arches” wanted you to think when you watched their 1993 Super Bowl commercial…

The advertisement is titled “The Showdown,” and features Jordan and Bird playing an increasingly competitive game of “first one to miss.” There are a number of great moments throughout the ad spot, but my personal favorite is when Larry lays out the ground rules and says:

“First one to miss watches the winner eat….no dunking.”

If slam dunking were allowed, the commercial probably would have been over before it even got started. But instead, the two all-time greats have a back and forth for the ages, with each shot getting more exaggerated and excessive than the last.

It’s truly a legendary ad, and the music alone will make you feel like you just stepped back in time:

The two could still be facing off in that shooting competition for all we know.

Social media users loved the nostalgia of the ad, and though a lot of people in the replies talked about other memorable Super Bowl commercials, many were just there to appreciate the fun Bird versus Jordan matchup with a Big Mac on the line:

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A beer bottle on a dock