Monster Gator Swallows Smaller Alligator Whole In South Carolina

Alligator eats another one
CBS 10

Alligators may be most associated with Florida and Louisiana, but that’s far from the only states these monsters roam.

Alligators are found throughout the south eastern region of the US, as far north as North Carolina and as far west as Texas. They live around lakes, rivers, and pretty much any body of freshwater with enough food to support them.

Typically, they eat fish, birds, snakes, small mammals, and turtles, but on occasion, they will take out a member of their own species. In fact, according to LiveScience, 6 to 7% of young alligators are eaten by a larger, more mature gators.

A video was captured in South Carolina showing just this, and while of course it’s wild in its own right, the size of the attacking gator is almost unbelievable.

We can’t see the full length of this guy because he’s half in the water, but the girth of his head and neck make me think he was 12 feet at least.

Have you ever see a gator with a head like this? I lived in Tampa for 4 years and saw a ton of swamp puppies, some very big ones too, but none that come even close to this guy.

He easily swallows the smaller one, who certainly isn’t a newborn and was probably around 6 feet long, but that was not nearly enough to fight off one of the largest, most menacing creatures on the entire face of the planet.

When you’re down south, the best thing you can do is just stay out of the water…

Kayaker Fisherman Finds Surprise On The End Of His Line

The most exciting part about fishing is that you never know what you’re reeling in until the defining moment when your catch breaks the water.

Is it a bass? Is it catfish? Maybe a turtle? Could it be an old tire? Or a garbage bag? Perhaps a sunken log? If you’ve fished some of the places I have, like Washington D.C.’s tidal basin, the possibility of a bloated dead body may even cross your mind.

The mystery of what you may pull up from the depths is what makes fishing so magical. Even when the fish aren’t biting, the possibility of potentially hooking so many possibilities hidden under the water is what makes fishing so magical.

I imagine it’s more terrifying than magical if you’re expecting a fish and instead wind up with your hands just a few feet away from an agitated alligator with a hook in its mouth though. This dad was checking some noodles with a youngster in the back and got the surprise of a lifetime.

“I think we got a garfish dude!”

“Be careful…”

“Oh My God! That is a big gator buddy! That is a big-ass gator!”

That kid on the back of the kayak may never go fishing again after this experience.

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