12-Foot Alligator Nicknamed “Fabio” Wandering Around Florida Looks Like Living Dinosaur

Fabio the gator
Meteorologist Nash Rhodes WINK

That is one BIG gator.

Of course this creature lives down in Florida, because what other scorching hot, swampy place would something like this belong to? Now that I think about it, that might as well be Florida’s state motto:

“Florida: America’s Scorching Hot, Swampy Appendage”

This alligator, nicknamed “Fabio,” lives in the Circle B Bar Reserve wetlands, which is located in Lakeland, Florida. He’s a very popular gator in the area, and though Fabio has been spotted frequently within the reserve, he’s never been seen like this.

By that, I mean the previous footage of the massive 12-foot gator usually only showcases a portion of the creature (just above the water, partially protruding from the brush, etc.). This video shows the gator in all of its entirety as it crosses a trail within the reserve, and it’s hard to believe that special effects aren’t involved in some way.

Can you believe we share Earth with these dinosaur-like creatures? I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Florida residents could just be going about their normal lives and look over and see “Fabio” slowly walking his prehistoric self around the wetlands.

The video was posted onto Facebook by a meteorologist in Florida with the caption:

“Fabio the infamous wild alligator was seen strolling through the Circle B Bar Reserve near Lakeland, Florida this past weekend.”

“Fabio” isn’t moving all that fast, but he’s still intimidating as hell. So that means the gator is pretty much the real life version of Michael Myers.

Those that saw the video on Facebook were simultaneously terrified and intrigued by the “Fabio” sighting, and left some comments below the post to let everyone know how they felt about the seemingly slow motion gator video:

“Welcome to Florida…”

“What a whopper!”

“Me shouting ‘See you later alligator’ as I run away.”

“I don’t know how people live around there. I am petrified just watching the video!”

“Good thing I don’t live in Florida.”

Amen to that…

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