Marcus King Announces New Single “Mood Swings”

Marcus King country music
Marcus King

By the looks of it, I’d take a wild guess that we are witnessing the rollout of a new project.

Last week, Marcus King announced that a new single was coming, and now we have a sneak peek at the track’s sound. King took to social media to announce that his second new single of 2024, “Mood Swings,” will be released this Thursday. Right off the heels of his emotional single about toxic relationships, “F*ck My Life Up Again,” King teases a much airy track.

The teaser of “Mood Swings” appears to highlight the trend of relationships’ ups and downs. While “F*ck My Life Up Again” focuses on many lows, feeling battered and like a broken man, will “Mood Swing” showcase the 180 of those feelings?

“Let’s take another one, I swear I’m having fun…”

He captions an Instagram teaser with video footage that picks up right where the “F*ck My Life Up Again” visualizer left off.

“Feel like I can really be myself around you
Mood swings like a pendulum, I can’t break loose
Feel like I can really be myself around you…” 

A few short hours after sharing the teaser clip, he posts a series of photos sporting a traditional Nudie suit, reminding fans that the single is coming out very soon.

“Not 2 late 2 pre-save “Mood Swings” – out this Thursday…”

King appears to be entering a new era of his sound, moving from his gritty rock and roll soulful picking style to a more R&B sound, but still keeping elements of his country twangs. So far, I am loving what he has put out, and from “Mood Swings'” teaser, I have a gut feeling it will also be a win in my book.

Until Thursday, play the fire out of his last release. He lays all his emotions on the line during this one.

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