Fans Speculate Kacey Musgraves’ Next Album Is Called ‘Deeper Well’ After Grammy Awards Teaser

Kacey Musgraves country music

KM5 is coming SOON.

Kacey appeared on the Grammy Awards last night to present the Country Album of the Year award to Lainey Wilson, though Kacey herself was also a winner, taking home the trophy for best Best Country Duo/Group Performance category for her duet with Zach Bryan, “I Remember Everything.”

Leading up to the event, fans were already speculating a new album announcement might be imminent, after she teased what looks to be an album cover on Instagram over the weekend:

Then, following her presentation moment on live TV, a commercial aired with visuals of Kacey in Iceland on horseback and frolicking through fields and gorgeous greenery, with instrumental music in the background.

At the end, you can hear what’s seemingly a line to a new song that says:

“My Saturn has returned.”

Check it out:

And of course, the whole thing left fans wanting more, as the link to her website doesn’t give much away in terms of an album title, release date, or anything else like that, unfortunately. There’s just verbiage on preorders for everything that says “KM5” and a lot of green.

While all of those details will likely be revealed sooner rather than later, Kacey changed her profile photo on Instagram to a graphic with four letters arranged on what appears to be an Ohio Star Quilt block with a “K,” “M,” “D,” and “W.”

In a separate post on X (Twitter), she shared what are seemingly different lyrics to a song that read:

“I found a deeper well.”

In the comments section on all of her posts and on reddit, many fans seem to think the album will be titled Deeper Well, and while that could also mean it’s a song title or the lead single, I love it and think it sounds like a badass name for a record:

There’s also leaked information on tracklist, which includes names like “Cardinal,” “Lonely Millionaire,” “Heaven Is,” and “Jade Green.”

And while we’ll have to wait and see in terms of what the album will sound like, I’m hoping it’s more along the lines of Same Trailer Different Park and Pageant Material. In terms of the visuals, it’s seemingly going to be some sort of a departure from her 2021 Star-Crossed album, and I just can’t wait to hear it all.

Stay tuned…

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