Bystanders Put A Beatdown On Man Seen Beating His Dog With A Chain At A Florida Gas Station

Jose Rivera Florida
Volusia County Sheriff's Office

This guy got off easy.

Some Good Samaritans stepped in and delivered a little street justice to a scumbag who was seen beating his dog with a chain in Florida.

According to Raymon Prush, he was in his car when he saw 31-year old Jose Rivera walking his dog on the side of the road. But according to Prush, when the dog turned its head to sniff a tire, Rivera yanked the dog and began hitting it with a metal chain.

Prush says he pulled into a gas station to confront Rivera about what he witnessed, and the man once again began to beat his dog:

“That’s when he started wailing the dog numerous times. Whipping him until the chain broke. Once that happened, the dog got behind me.”

Rivera then punched Prush in the face, when Sheriff Mike Chitwood said a 13-year old stepped in to try to calm the situation. But Rivera began taking swings at the teenager, as well as another couple that stepped in to rescue the dog and put it in their vehicle.

Prush then put Rivera in a chokehold from behind to keep him from getting the dog from the couple’s vehicle, and video released by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office shows Prush lifting Rivera off the ground and slamming him into a gas pump. As officers arrive to talk to the piece of shit man, he’s seen with blood running down his face while complaining that the couple has his dog in their car.

Rivera was arrested for a laundry list of charges including child abuse, felony cruelty towards animals, three counts of battery, and resisting an officer.

He’s currently being held on a $51,000 bond.

As for the dog, it’s reported that she suffered several injuries but will recover. According to Prush:

“She was running scared…I don’t know how many times she received these beatings. It was like she wasn’t defending yourself against this. She was just receiving.”

The dog was turned over to Rivera’s ex-girlfriend, who does not live with him.

And Sheriff Chitwood is thankful that there were bystanders who were willing to step in:

“This guy’s got a problem with his anger. And, you know, I’m very, very proud of the residents of Deltona that saw what was happening – I mean, as young as 13 –  knew we got to do something here or this dog could end up dead.”

Jail’s just too good for some people.

(The video below doesn’t show any of the abuse to the dog).

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