Chargers Coach Jim Harbaugh Says He Wants To Live In A California RV Park By Disneyland

LA Chargers
Jim Harbaugh

For those that were wondering if Jim Harbaugh would drop some of the “weirdness” when he made the jump from college football back to the NFL, you can rest assured that all of the weird is going with him.

Harbaugh recently left the University of Michigan after winning the Wolverines a national championship, only because he decided to unsurprisingly take the head coaching job for the Los Angeles Chargers.

The longtime head coach has always been quite the character, regardless of what level of football he’s been a part of. And it doesn’t seem as though he’s going to change at all after filling a head coaching vacancy out in sunny California.

He’s a football guy, through and through. There’s no question about it. But when it comes to the rest of his life outside of the game, let’s just say he’s got a couple of quirks.

And because he’s been in middle America for so long (Michigan might as well be middle America’s home base), he’s bringing some of those tendencies with him out to the west coast.

One way he’s doing that is by apparently driving his RV all the way out to Los Angeles from Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is around a 33-hour drive. Once he makes it there, Harbaugh then wants to live in the thing for the foreseeable future.

To some, that sounds miserable, but to Jim, he couldn’t wait to tell the media about it (after checking with his wife first):

“Should I tell them? Okay, so I want to drive my RV out (here). I want to drive my RV out and go to a trailer park down by the water or by Disneyland.

Those would be two that I’ve researched that are close to the facility. I want to ‘Jim Rockford’ it for the next couple of months until we move to the new facility.

I have that thought going through my head.”

If that Jim Rockford reference flew about your head, that’s probably because Harbaugh was referencing a TV show from the late 1970’s.

The Rockford Files featured a main character by the name of Jim Rockford, who solved crimes and lived in a mobile home on a Malibu beach parking lot.

Apparently Jim “Rockford” Harbaugh has been dreaming of this moment all of his life. It sounds like he’ll get to live out the “RV on the beach” portion, but he’ll have to replace “crime fighting” with “football coaching.”

The guy is weird, but he’s a damn good football coach:

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