Charles Wesley Godwin’s Wife Rejected Him FIVE Times Before Agreeing To First Date: “The Best Decision She Ever Made”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
Charles Wesley Godwin

No matter how many times Godwin tells this story, I will listen.

As a hopeless romantic, the story of how Charles Wesley Godwin won over his wife’s heart proves that if you stay persistent, it might work out. Godwin is a family man, intertwining his love for his wife and children into many of his lyrics. He also follows in the footsteps of Stapleton, sharing sweet words for the love of his life.

While Godwin has told us at Whiskey Riff the story before, he recently has been telling the story of how he and Samantha met on stage. After seeing a TikTok comment from a fan noting how much they like hearing the story at shows, he decided to make a video sharing the birth of their love story for those who haven’t heard him say it on stage.

“I got started playing music about ten years ago. One night, I was at West Virginia University, and I was playing bluegrass…

I was 21 years old and single, and there was this pretty girl in the crowd who caught my eye. After the show, I went and introduced myself to her, and I thought things went pretty well. I walked away with her number.” 

While CWG was under the impression Samantha was ready to be wined and dined by him, she had other plans. Shortly after the show where they met, he texted her to get a date on her calendar and was shocked when she turned him down.

“I gave her a call the next day and asked her out to dinner, and she said “No.” I was like, alright…well, let me try again next week.”

A week later, he rang her again, expecting that this time it would be a yes. Think again. She gave him a no and continued to turn down his date offers many more times before finally agreeing to go on a first date with the West Virginia native.

Godwin was in love at first sight, staying as persistent as he was.

“I had it in me that I wasn’t going to give up on this one. So I ended up asking her out another five times over the next two months until she finally gave in, and went on a first date with me.

Ended up being the best decision she ever made in her life, because we are married now. We’ve got two beautiful babies back home.”

He then says that her hometown in Florida is the strawberry capital of the world, and she inspired “Strawberry Queen,” a track off Godwin’s first album, Seneca. 

“I never would’ve guessed it in a hundred years or more
I’d meet a lowland angel, the likes I’d never seen before
She grew up where the sun does run hot across the sky
Sweetened her up nice like some strawberry wine
I crowned her in my mind, oh, my Strawberry Queen..”

@charleswgodwin Replying to @Jackson Wise Some of y’all have been asking for this story – here’s how I finally got my wife to go out with me – #strawberryqueen #storytime #lovestory #love #charleswesleygodwin #seneca #replies #fyp #foryou ♬ Strawberry Queen – Charles Wesley Godwin

I’m glad Samantha finally agreed to go on that date because now we get to enjoy sweet songs like “All Again,” which reminisce about their relationship and how Godwin would “do it all again.”

@charleswgodwin The beatin’ of my heart shakes the framing in my chest – #allagain #charleswesleygodwin #lovesong #lovestory #countrylove #countrymusic #acoustic #newmusic #originalsong #wv #familyties #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Country Music

Turn up the original song inspired by his bride, “Strawberry Queen.”

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