Charles Wesley Godwin Says It Took Two Months Before His Wife Would Go On A First Date: “It Went Well Enough That We Are Married Now”

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Fellas, take notes.

Charles Wesley Godwin, one of the IT names in country music right now, is a huge family man beyond the stage, and that is about to be shone on his new album, Family Ties, which is hours, at this point from, being released. The album highlights the twists and turns in his life that have brought him to where he is today.

“Family Ties is an intensely intimate affair — images set to tune, so many of them specifically created for his own family members.

There’s the unflinching “Miner Imperfections,” penned for his father; the mournful and contemplative “The Flood” for his mother; the beatific “Gabriel” for his son (“I guess what I am saying/is I am here to stick with you/if I could I’d never utter a single word that isn’t true”); the mournful yet hopeful “Dance in Rain” for his daughter; and the love letter that is the slow-rolling “Willing and Able” for his wife.”

The album is described as including which family member inspired each track.

Godwin is also known for being a romantic through his songwriting, sharing in his Stage AE Documentary that “Hardwood Floors” was written when he was missing home on the road and longing for a date night with his wife, Samantha.

Godwin and his wife have built a beautiful family together, and before taking the stage at the Opry last night, he shared with us the story of how they met.

“I met her at Schmitts Saloon (a local bar in Morgantown, WV) when I was in college. I was playing a bluegrass Wednesday with some buddies.

She was there, and she actually had been dragged out by her friends – she didn’t really feel like going out that night but didn’t want to leave her friend alone to go to this show. 

So, yeah, I met her there and tried to come on to her…and she denied me for two months, and then she finally gave in and went on a first date with me.” 

Persistent, he was chasing her for two months to get that first date.

“We went bowling and then to dinner and then a movie… like a little trifecta.

I must have made a good impression. I beat her in bowling, I didn’t let her win, that’s for damn sure.

It went well enough that we are married now… got the kiddos…”

What a sweet love story.

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Godwin took the stage later that night to play a few songs from his Family Ties (Sampler), prepping fans for tonight’s full album release.

Charles Wesley Godwin’s got some strong “Family Ties” backing him as he chases his dreams on the stage.

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