Absolute UNIT Of A Mule Deer Buck Strolls Through Suburban Montana Front Yard

massive buck in Montana backyard

Why go deep into the woods to hunt down a big buck when you can sip your morning coffee and watch one walk right through your front yard?

The deer might as well be walking through a forest of trees for all it cares. It looks completely comfortable and at peace with where it is, even though deer aren’t supposed to live and traverse through the suburbs.

But that’s the thing about deer…they don’t make a lot of sense. You could drive by them at 70 miles per hour while they’re standing on the side of the road and they won’t move, but when you are around one out in the wild and even move an inch, they start stomping their feet and run off.

I actually made a similar point recently when a video of two deer bedded down in someone’s front landscaping was making its way around social media. What made them do that? Who knows, but the easiest explanation is that they’re deer, and they inexplicably do what they want (eat corn and get hit by cars).

That’s why this big ol’ 8-point buck (if I counted correctly) was walking through a snowy suburban neighborhood in Montana, simply because it can. Unless it was actually one of Santa’s reindeer that got split up from the sled team and is trying to find its way back to the North Pole.

There’s a slim chance that’s the case, but there’s a massive chance that this beast of a deer ends up on someone’s wall before too long. A deer that big can’t just strut around and show itself like this and expect to make it through many more deer seasons.

It’s honestly a very peaceful video to watch loop through a couple of times, and the caption for the post did a good job explaining what went on in the clip:

“Just a mega giant rolling through the suburbs…how long do you think them G2s are?”

Those G2’s have to be pushing 20 inches, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating with that “guestimation.” Literally one of the tallest racks on a deer that I’ve ever seen, and it’s of course walking through an area where there aren’t many hunters.

Now that I think about it, that’s one smart deer…

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