Newborn Great White Shark Caught On Camera For The First Time Ever

great white shark

Thank God for the internet, because without it, we wouldn’t get to experience something this rare and incredible.

This once in a lifetime (literally, the first time this has ever been caught on video) footage was captured by photographer Carlos Guana out of California on January 29th, when Guana was working with Ph.D. candidate and shark researcher Phillip Sternes from University of California-Riverside.

The video captures what’s believed to be the first-ever images of a newborn great white shark:

Guana posted photos of the scene via Instagram, writing in the caption:

“Back in July of last year, during one of my countless hours of filming white sharks I came across a very peculiar looking white shark. This small shark was literally white all over. While Southern California is home to many white shark nurseries, this wasn’t technically in one.

It was at a specific location that I’ve made some anecdotal observations over the years that were quickly becoming a trend. For the previous 3 years, a local aggregation of very large seemingly pregnant white sharks are visible for only a short period of time. I use the word ‘seemingly’ because the only way to confirm this, is by a means I don’t have access to. But based on the countless hours of observations I’ve made of sharks of all sizes, including pregnant ones, I deduced that some of these sharks were indeed pregnant. 

On this particular day, one such large shark was visible. It disappeared just beyond the visual depths following some erratic yet unexpected movements.  Shortly thereafter, this small, completely white covered white shark appeared. It was unlike anything I’ve seen before.”

Check it out:

And here’s the video that’s believed to be the shark giving birth:

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