Florida Alligator Snatches Wild Hog, & A Whole Bunch Of Other Gators Come Looking For A Bite

Alligator attacks pig and more show up

If you thought you only had to worry about alligators in the water, let me warn you they’re dominant on land as well.

A video from Myakka River State Park in Sarasota, Florida proves just that, as visitors were able to get some awesome footage of an alligator leaving the water, creeping up on a nest of wild pigs, snatching one easily, then returning to the water for a feast.

The gator looks right at home while stealthily moving up on the hogs, not making a sound or doing anything to alert its soon to be dinner of his presence.

A short explosion of speed and the gator has dinner in between its powerful jaws.

Maybe even crazier, when the alligator gets back into the water with its kill, 6 more alligators appear out of nowhere and start making their way over to where the food is. They must have sensed or heard the ruckus going on and decided they might get a bite or two out of it.

And I can’t blame them, but going to go out on a limb and say the gator who did the work is going to keep that one for himself…

What a crazy sight, though… nature at its finest.

Florida Alligator Brutally Slams Smaller Alligator

Florida is a special place.

There’s beautiful beaches, the Daytona 500, Disney World, and a dude on bath salts eating people’s faces… and gators… LOTS of gators.

In fact, Florida is packed with wildlife from the oceans and swamps, to the inlands lake and forests. In addition to gators, you can find dolphins, manatees, snakes, turtles, alligators, panthers, black bears and countless bird species like flamingos.

Of course, the alligators are really the bread and butter of the state, with estimates of over a million present in the state.

And this one will make you think twice about getting in the water…

Kayla Jane of Kayla Jane’s Crystal Kayaks shared some footage to Facebook from Florida’s Silver Springs, a popular tourist attraction in Central Florida.

In the video, we can a gator affectionately named Big Head Fred, who just so happens to be chomping on a smaller gator.

It looks like it might be all over for this poor fella, but any doubts are immediately quashed when Fred lifts him high up into the air and viscously slams him down on the shores of the bank.

Like a WWE finishing move, this sucker was absolutely wrecked… all I could think about was getting rag dolled by water dinosaur.

“Big head Fred is back at it again, eating another alligator.”

And later, Kayla and company stumbled upon the aftermath.

Meet No Head Ted…

“The aftermath of my last video, Big Head Fred made a No Head Ted.”

Alligator Picks Drone Out Of Mid Air

You can’t make this stuff up…

Alligators are known to eat the odd strange thing. Anytime they slice one open they inevitably find a wild amount of stuff inside. We’re talking dog collars, car parts, bullets, thousand-year-old arrow heads and sometimes, even human remains…

They also indulge in the odd bit of garbage eating. That should be enough to scare you off of these creatures. Anything that can swallow trash is definitely capable of chewing up a human.

Gators are incredible predators that strike with speed in short bursts trying to use the element of surprise.

This fella found that out the hard way when he flew his drone in trying to get some good shots.

Out of nowhere the gator leaps up and grabs the drone flying above him in the air. Onlookers watched as the gator tries to scarf the drone down, but after a few good chomps the drone starts smoking very badly as everyone yells at the gator to stop.

The gator just doesn’t care though, it keeps on chewing with the smoke coming out like there’s a fire lit in his stomach. I mean, it looked like a literal fire breathing dragon…

Yup, that’s how tough these prehistoric beasts are… they will swallow a drone that’s nearly on fire and not think twice about it.

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