Group Of Orcas Attack Massive Gray Whale Off California Coast

orca gray whale
Pacific Offshore Expeditions

It’s no secret that orca whales are some of the most majestic creatures in all of the ocean.

It’s no wonder why thousands of tourists flock to the Pacific year after year to catch a glimpse of these creatures roaming the waters.

However, we can’t forget that these beautiful whales are also notorious for being fierce hunters, and they aren’t dubbed “killer whales” for no reason…

And here is yet another great example.

Last Friday, a pod of Eastern Tropical Pacific killer whales were caught on camera off the coast of San Diego, California, preying in a MASSIVE grey whale for almost an hour.

The footage was caught on camera by Captain Ryan Lawler  of Pacific Offshore Expeditions.

In the slow motion footage, you can see the grey whale struggling to survive as a couple of killer whales surround the large creature, ultimately attempting to turn the whale into dinner.

But, it’s the grey whale that ultimately gets the last laugh, as it escapes captivity from the pod of killer whales.

Delaney Trowbridge, another Captain for Pacific Offshore Expeditions, wrote in a separate Instagram post:

“Over the last few weeks we’ve watched the Eastern Tropical Pacific killer whales plow their way through pods of common and bottlenose dolphins, but today their eyes were set on a much larger prize: a massive, adult gray whale.

Despite their best efforts, lasting nearly an hour in their assault, the orcas abandoned their hunt and moved on. The gray whale was left with fresh bites along the flukes, bloodied and certainly feeling terrorized by the entire experience.

However, these are minor injuries to such a large and healthy animal, which will no doubt continue its migration towards Mexico as if nothing had happened.”

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