Chris Stapleton Officially Sending “Think I’m in Love with You” To Country Radio As Next Single

Chris Stapleton country music
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Chris Stapleton with another heater headed to country radio.

The superstar and Kentucky native just scored his fourth career #1 hit at country radio with “White Horse” over the weekend, and it’s actually really hard to believe that it’s only his fourth big single on radio.

Included on his 2023 studio album Higher, it was the first single they released from the project, and was easily one of my favorites on the record.

And while I was personally hoping that “What Am I Gonna Do” would get a shot at country radio (and it still might), Chris is officially sending “Think I’m In Love With You” to radio next:

A solo write by Chris, “Think I’m In Love With You” is a simple song where he reflects on a love lost and how, years later while reflecting on the relationship, realizes he might still be in love.

I think this one well on the local FM airwaves, and while it may not reach the top spot again, will certainly be another hit and hold its own.

“Think I’m In Love With You”

“White Horse”

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