It’s Not “Somebody Winds Up Pregnant,” But Chris Stapleton & Miranda Lambert Delivered With “What Am I Gonna Do”

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It’s not “Somebody Winds Up Pregnant,” but Chris Stapleton and Miranda Lambert absolutely delivered with “What Am I Gonna Do.”

While I was hoping that we’d get to hear that song on Chris’ new Higher record, which is out everywhere today, he included a different co-write with Miranda that is stellar.

Neither one of them have publicly teased “Somebody Winds Up Pregnant” or put any of the music out, but the song is registered to BMI, which is a massive company that handles licensing and royalties for songwriters, indicating that it’s floating around somewhere just waiting to be recorded.

I was immediately intrigued by the title and obviously, knowing the caliber of songwriter they both are, have been dying to hear it ever since.

But I mostly just wanted them to work together, and my wish came true today with the aforementioned new record.

The opening track to Higher, Chris laments the end of a relationship and can’t stop thinking about what he’s going to do if he ever moves on from this girl.

He’s drinking too much because he can’t handle the pain of her leaving, and can’t

“Been drinkin’ everything on that shelf
Feels like I’m killin’ myself
You’re gone, and it hurts like hell
Wishin’ I was anybody else

What am I gonna do
When I get over you?
What am I gonna be
When you’re just a memory?
What am I gonna drink?
When I don’t have to think
About what I’m gonna do
Without you?”

Coupled with his incredible voice and the sweet background vocals of his wife Morgane, it’s an easy standout on what is a fantastic record from top to bottom.

Leave it to these two to pen such a gut-wrenching heartbreaker that I can’t get enough of… but really, does Chris Stapleton ever miss?

I’ve yet to see or hear it…

And while I’m still holding out for one of them to eventually record “Somebody Winds Up Pregnant,” they more than delivered with “What Am I Gonna Do” too:

“What Am I Gonna Do”

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