The Worst Performance Of The AFC Championship Came From Tony Romo, Not The Chiefs Or The Ravens

Tony Romo Jim Nantz
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Full disclosure: As I’m writing this, the AFC Championship Game is still going on.

But I’m comfortable calling it now. Tony Romo had the absolute worst performance of the game.

Of course Romo wasn’t on the field as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Baltimore Ravens (who just threw an interception, by the way).

And that fumble by Ravens wide receiver Zay Flowers on a touchdown run obviously puts him in the conversation for worst performance. But Flowers had a big reception just a few plays earlier (and then promptly got penalized for taunting). So he at least had some highlights.

But Romo just put on an all-time bad performance as he called the game from the booth for CBS alongside Jim Nantz.

There was this gem from the second quarter after Ravens quarterback had the ball stripped during a pass attempt:

And then he called Jackson’s pass to himself the “greatest play he’s ever seen.”

And when Ravens tackle Travis Jones was accidentally (and clearly) poked in the eye during a tackle, Romo broke down the replay for us…and inexplicably thought it was his ankle that was twisted.

The best part about that was as soon as he said that, the camera cut to Jones walking off the field holding his eye closed.

And then in the second half, after Kansas City managed to stop the Ravens on first down, Romo somehow thought that was ballgame for the Ravens…but then in the next sentence, clarified that the game’s not over yet.

What are we doing here, Tony?

And this was just a sample of the things that have come out of Romo’s mouth today that left fans scratching their heads…

Of course fans on Twitter (or X, or whatever) were quick to jump onto the former Cowboys quarterback:

Tough performance for Romo today. And bad news for fans who were hoping that this would be the last we’d have to hear from him this year: Romo is set to call the Super Bowl for CBS in two weeks.

Hopefully he can put together a better game for that one.

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