The Super Bowl Will Be Between The 49ers & Ravens, According To This Grocery Store’s Cookie Cake

Super Bowl cookie cake 49ers Ravens

I’ll have to be honest…I’ve never been led wrong by a cookie cake.

So if I’m sticking to that and trusting in the almighty power of an oversized cookie, I guess I’m going to go ahead and bet that the Baltimore Ravens will face off against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

This video below has gone viral on social media for allegedly “leaking the script,” and the “NFL is scripted” crowd has really latched on.

Considering that another Super Bowl conspiracy has predicted the exact same matchup (Ravens – 49ers) for months now, I’m honestly starting to get concerned.

Even the person that filmed this video of cookie cakes in a grocery store decorated to suggest the “Big Game” will take place between Baltimore and San Francisco had this to say:

“Guys…like, does nobody else think that’s weird?”

Yeah, it is weird. Really, really weird.

And we’ll know later today if all of the conspiracies and cookie cakes were correct in their predictions. If the Ravens and the 49ers do win their games, I’m going to be slightly concerned (though it would still be in line with my “always trust a cookie cake” theory).

Check out the conspiracy cookies below:

Weird, right?

Everyone else on social media certainly thought so, and made sure to voice how they were feeling (and provide further evidence) in the reply section below the post:

Yeah, that’s true. What type of person is going to basically “buy a futures bet” cookie cake and wait two weeks to use it for their Super Bowl party?

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